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Wake up and dream...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Chef, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. ...or die in your sleep. It's your life it's your choice.

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  2. Its an oldie,

    Dont you just love the ATTGATT, Hahahahaha

    A week after I get my licence back, I will be sailing a 34 foot Catamaran back from Fiji,
  3. Put's a smile on your dial don't it...
  4. I expect we'll see more such films and art around the world as the health and safety fascists increasingly try to control our lives with their fundamentally banal, profoundly existentially-boring values.
  5. Chef, I just noticed your tags. In Taiwan they don't mind killing kittens; in fact there's nothing they love more than a deep-fried dimsim.
  6. Awesome Video Cheffie. First time I saw it and not ashamed to admit that I'd a tear running down my cheek. (y)
  7. Great vid Chef. I hope I can still ride like that when I’m 81 :)
  8. An extra overflow tube fitted to the bike and you'll be good to go.
  9. It touches ya doesn't it. Glad you enjoyed it guys :)

    If anybody is in the mood to share their thoughts on what they think of the clip I'd be very interested to hear anything you have to say.
  10. One of my favourite stories I love to tell and I'm sure I've told it here before was when I met the Ulyssians on the road. A mate and i were batting around 200 and went past their group a couple of times. Eventually we got pulled by the local rozzer and had ourselves a chat, seems we also blew past an off duty copper that called it in.

    While sitting on the side of the road and discussing our manners sure enough the oldies went past us again. The rozzer left us with a please behave and went on his way. You can always tell when you've got a good cop because they head off in the opposite direction to the one you're going.

    Lectures make me hungry so my mate and I decided to head into town for a bite to eat. I said if the oldies are there we'll let them have a laugh at us as it's only fair after buzzing them for most of the morning.

    Sure enough we got into town just in time for high tea so we parked across the road and headed over for our chat and what i thought was going to be another lecture. I was wrong, they laughed their arses off at us for getting sprung being dickheads and they were more than pleased to hear we'd gotten off getting a spanking.

    Plenty of them if not all of them still had that special sparkle in their eyes that's strictly reserved for those who drink from life and come away thirsty. So I knew we were amongst friends.

    There was this one bloke though who was very special, the one in a thousand that comes along and shines a torch. I mentioned to him that my dream was to ride forever, until I fell off my bike one last time. That once I had finally exhausted myself of my hooning I would settle down and explore the rest of the open road in a more leisurely fashion. I told him that I admired and held his crew in the highest regard, and that I could but dream of joining them one day on the endless road.

    His response is stashed away in the vault of my riding heart to be used whenever I lose my way on the path. He turned and his face went from pride to wry, leaning in slightly to share his secret with me, I couldn't help but to lean in with him and we locked eyes as the years separating us fell away. In a slightly hushed tone he said to me, "Do you know what the best thing is about being 86 and still riding?" My mind darted off in all different directions but I quickly realised I hadn't a clue. "No" I mumbled.
    His wry smile split into a cheeky grin, "...even 100 feels fucking fast"

    I lost my shit.
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  11. ^^ Well said Chef.

    As for the clip above - Let me thank you once more. I saw it again & am thinking of using it in my signature.

    My thoughts are that I'm passionate about riding in the same way as these old timers. Sure I gave it up for a few years when I moved to Australia but it always stayed there. Every time I saw a bike go past or even hear the rumble of the bike, I would miss my bike. It also reminded me of my group of friends back home who I've known for almost half my life.

    So few months ago, I'd enough of missing my bike and bought one and had the best 4 months (& 9600 KMS) of riding since then. Every minute spent on the bike reminds me of my friends, my old bike & the joie de vi-vre of life. Being on the bike is such a simple pleasure of life that I will never ever give it up. Ever. There is something about being on a bike, riding along watching the miles go by, looking at the horizon, the rumble of the engine that is just unmatched by anything I've known.

    In the past 4 months, I've ridden through rain, hail and shine and enjoyed every nano second of it. These 9600 KMS have been awsome and am looking forward to the millions that are about to come.
  12. getting your arse on a bike just "is" it's a natural high, and I lived through the 70's, trust me I know what highs are!

    It's viagra for your soul, a valium for your daily tensions, a fucking prozac for those older bastards like me ....

    Everybody has or should have a little box of memories that is tucked way in their inner being, I have one, if I open my heart I can see everything in there, that first date with my wife, the birth of my kids, resitting my bike licence the same day my son got his, riding with my son and daughter, that view when I crested the hill on the way to Mt Hotham.

    True some memories are for more important than others, but my bike memories, their mine, Dog knows I am not a religous person, but if he or she exists, then I can only hope they have a place for me that has unlimited speeds on amazing roads and any choice of bike I want.

    I'll be 78 when my grandkids are old enough to ride, I'll hang around till then at least, now that would be a memory for the little box wouldn't it, all the boys together...

    OK all the soft mushy stuff is over, please resume normal transmisison..
  13. ^^ Well said, Uncle Nobby! :D
  14. :rofl:
  15. I'm so going for a ride tomorrow now :D
    So did I xD
  16. Loving the testimonies guys keep em coming.

    Hell no!!! I welled up a bit but I can handle it. This thread has the potential to be another goodun.
  17. The clip gave me goosebumps.

    I'm hesitant to say it here :)))but the effect wasn't only due to motorcycling element.

    The old guys could have been motorcycling, horse riding or playing badminton.

    For me it was about the connection between people and the 'seize the day' concept. That and bringing home my own mortality.

    It was a moving clip that made me want to do something - ride my bike, walk my dog, see my girlfriend, whatever. Seize the day.
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  18. Well said Luke :)
  19. (y) Top thread (y)
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  20. :arrow:+1. Without Doubt.