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{waits for hoots of derision} Guess who's just got a Mac???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. Not new, I must admit, and I didn't buy it, either, a written-off school machine, but a Mac nevetheless. For those who understand such stuff, I think it's about a 2007 model, one of these

    although without the camera

    now all I have to do is figure out how it all works :LOL:


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  2. Heres your HOOT Paul


    There, all better now.

  3. You may surprise yourself and actually enjoy it. :) I have a Mac at work, a PC at home, and have just scored a sweet MacBook Air for travel/work/home. I'm passably fluent with *nix as well, and I have to say that Mac is my favourite operating system of the three.
  4. You'll do fine Paul! I have a MB at home, a PC (Win7) at home and few customers with XP, Vista, 2000/2003/2008, but the Mac is what makes me smile.

    Have fun and it won't be as painful as you may think.
  5. Seems like a g4/g5 if it's an intel even better. perfect for the web and photo editing, osx tiger would be the max for the g5 you can't put leopard on it if it aint an intel.
    You will enjoy it immensely Paul once you figure it out which won't take too long.


    I have the macbook, a toshiba netbook running XP and also run vmware fusion on this mac running xp as well.
    My bootcamp partition must have caught a virus though as it wouldn't boot up and all the files went all weird. The image is at work so wont be able to reimage it till next year
  6. thats just gay paul, trader
  7. ...but that's the thing. You don't. It just works.

    For nearly 10 years I struggled to teach Dad how to use email on the PC. Within a week of Dum and Mad owning a Mac, he was sending links, pictures, videos, you name it.

    Everything's visual. There are no tricks.

    You must learn to unlearn (insert more Zen like crap here).

  8. Blasphemy, how many Hail Mary's do you have to say for that one paul.... [-o<
  9. For getting an Apple???

    "'You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.'"
  10. First the computer...

    Second the religious beliefs...??


    This to date still f%&^s me when I use a Mac - no right click.
  11. Ctrl-Click, or just plug in a normal mouse. ;)
  12. Been using macs since 2000, and as much as people love to give ya crap I am yet to have a software crash...
  13. It's a G5, but a Power-PC model, so no fancy dual-boot stuff. The optical drive is a CD-Writer - DVD reader, and because it's an ex-school machine it's loaded to the gills with lots of good stuff like Garage band, and stuff.

    I work with Macs in a couple of my schools, but that's usually getting them back on the internet when kids fiddle with the proxy settings, adding new users at server level, etc; using one at home should be fun on a different level. Mrs Hornet has laready booked tim on it to play with iPhoto.

    No right click, however, baffles me too Brownyy :LOL:

    So, quick question. Under localadmin the dock has heaps and heaps of items; after creating a new user, the new user only has the basics. I know how to impose the same desktop on all users under Windows, but how to do so on a Mac??

    I should note, however; this is as far as it goes. Don't expect me any time soon to post up that I believe in global warming :LOL:.
  14. Drag and drop the application icons onto the dock from the application menus, I've never created new users though We just have the one.
    As for the mouse just use any usb 2 button mouse and all is good, otherwise just ctrl and click.
  15. I have a mighty mouse and I enabled right click in the preferences pane. works orrite for me. You just need to push on the right edge of the mouse.

    The trackpads on the macbooks are very very sweet indeed. The gestures make life so easy :D
  16. I use a 5 button ergonomic mouse and it works just fine.
  17. *Sigh* It is a sad day indeed. Yet another comrade has been felled by the blade of our enemy. This day will be marked, Hornet will be remembered.

    Brownyyyyyyyyy: Apple did figure out that an alternate click was a useful feature some years back. but blast that unsightly two button mouse.
  18. I never mentioned anything about using one recently... :p

    Getting an iPhone soon, so that's my second apple purchase (iPod nano Gen 1 still running happily).
  19. Thanks for the tip smee :wink:

    The device appears to have 512mb of DDR RAM; more RAM is always good for PCs, I presume the same applies to Macintosh computers?
  20. Yep get it up to its maximum if possible, not sure what the specs are for the imac of that vintage, I would guess it would be 1-2 gig max. Don't buy apple ram just get the generic of its vintage.
    Make sure the programs you add to it are ppc based not intel.
    Lots of informative tips in the mac forums and the apple site.