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Waiting, waiting, waiting

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mytyt, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. G'Day all, I have been stalking for a while and have been very impressed with the support and advice given on this site. I'm another newby, on the older side (mid 40's) and have finally found the "one day" that I will learn to ride (I'm sure there are some others like me who have been meaning to learn to ride since their teens but never seem to fine the time, money etc).

    I have been looking around at bikes trying to work out what I wanted/needed for the journey through L's and P's, after much deliberation and umming and ahhing, I finally settled on a new CB400. I have signed the contract and now have to wait a week to pick it up, needless to say I can't wait ! Seeing as though I am in the middle of Sydney I'm going to get it delivered, can't quite work up the courage to ride it out of the showroom into traffic. I'm pretty lucky as there is a huge sports field car park about 300m down the road and I luckily have time off during the week when it is empty to practice in. I also only have to cross the river and I am at the Homebush practice range, so I look forward to meeting some of you come the new year.

    Waiting, waiting, did I mention I'm not very patient !
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  2. Nice one mate. Cb400 is a great bike. Everyone's nervous first few road rides. You'll be hooking up the old road in no time.
  3. Hi MytytMytyt and welcome to NR. Congratulations on your new ride! Good luck and enjoy getting to know your bike. :)
  4. Congrats on making the decision finally to learn to ride and even more so on buying your bike. I'm mid 40's too and recently got my L's and am looking to get my 1st bike by Xmas. Way to go mate!
  5. welcome aboard :)
  6. Thanks basejumper, I am looking forward to those days.
  7. Two good decisions on the back of another... Joining Netrider, then buying a Honda, and getting along to Homebush Learner's....
  8. Yeah good choice of bike, welcome along. The CB400 will happily take you beyond the initial learner stage, it's quite a capable machine.
  9. Good stuff mate. I'm in the area and returning to riding. Might see you down at Homebush for learners practice. I'll be practicing a bit myself!
  10. Welcome to NR
  11. Congrats Mytyt from another mid forties first time rider. Have been in Sydney this last week and wanted go homebush (don't have anything like this in Brissy) for some practice but don't have my girl with me. Will have to head back soon and give her a good seeing to.
  12. Welcome to NR, had a CB400 as my first bike 6 months back now and in mid 40's so I know where your at and what's coming, enjoy :D
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  13. Welcome, sounds like you're well organized so I've no doubt you'll get those bike skills up quick sharp with some "parking lot practice".
  14. welcome to Netrider and congrats on the new bike!
  15. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. So any good advice on comprehensive insurance, or does this open up a whole can of worms of opinions ?
  16. Can of worms. The best and only advice I will give you is to shop around, read the PDS and buy the policy that suits you best.
  17. Thanks b12mick, that's pretty much what I thought, just a bit surprised by the differences in price between various groups for roughly the same product (about a $500 difference between most and least expensive !)
  18. I did a comparison a few years ago and there was over $1000 difference between the highest and lowest quote and there was one insurance company that wouldn't insure me because I rode every day.
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  19. Well I finally got my bike last week. I was not confident enough to ride it home from the dealers so I had a friend ride it home for me, I then spent the afternoon riding around the local sports field car park and some local streets. The next day was a bit further afield (but still mostly back streets) and the confidence grew a bit more. Friday was a bigger day for me, West Ryde to Long Reef and back along a few major roads and in the heat ! After getting home and being unable to wipe the grin off my face, my wife asked me how I was feeling about the bike now, my response was " good enough to ride to Newcastle tomorrow !" And so I did.

    I set off a bit later than I wanted to and the traffic on Pennant Hills Rd was atrocious, but once on the freeway it was plain sailing for the rest of the way. I haven't ridden at 90km/h before so it was interesting getting buffeted about and noticing small things like drag changes on my helmet based on how I turned my head etc. I took the Swansea bends road just to get off the freeway and focused on things like lane positioning and smooth cornering, what a blast ! Well if I wasn't hooked before, I can say I am now. I was looking at all the side roads wondering if I would have time to just duck down some of them and have a look.

    The ride home on Sunday was just as much fun. I headed off a bit earlier than the day before so I avoided the worst of the heat but it was still hot. There are a few things that I have to consider when riding the bike that I never thought about inthe cage, mostly to do with route selection and sometimes it will be better to take the "scenic route" than the direct route !

    So after having the bike a week I've put about 500kms on it so I can confidently say I'm hooked ! Now I just have to find the time to fit in some more rides as I have to go to work on Thursday and won't be back for about a week. I know, first world problems right !
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  20. duck to water mate - good stuff!