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Waiting to turn right - cars passing while in the same lane!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Al_Cam, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. On the way home on 2 lane suburban street, stopped at lights in right-hand wheel track waiting to turn right, Indicator, foot on brake first in queue. Lights go green, 3 cars decided not to wait and just drove past me in the same lane. Plenty of clearance I guess, missed by a good 200 mm. Scared the life out of me! Lights finally went red, car coming from the other direction & going to turn right that had stopped for the red started moving off as I was half way around. Stopped o.k. but driver didn't seem to accept that I had a grievance.

    Took a Whiskey & a Red to calm down.

    Had in past decided not to use that turn because of the traffic. Told myself not to be a Nancy. Won't go there again.
  2. Happens to me all the time. Just thought it was normal really.

    If you're sitting in the right-hand wheel track, I'd think there is enough roo for them to safely go around. You have the right to sit in the middle and own the lane, but I'd rather let the other cars go around me so I don't hold them up.

    I don't hold them up when I filter, I don't hold them up when I'm making a turn in said example, and everyone is happy.
  3. You were in the wrong.
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  4. Probably over too far to the right in the lane and too slow taking off ... you have to be quick smart off the mark but not neglecting to make sure cross traffic is slowing to a stop ...

    No one said it would be easy :cool:
  5. They will go past regardless of how much room you give them.
    The joys of motorized bicycling.
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  6. If I'm turning left, I stay in the right wheel track, if I'm turning right I stay in the left wheel track. I don't give them ANY room to "nip" past.

    It also gives me more room if something unexpected happens.
  7. I hope you survive.
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  8. This...

  9. If there is room to go past, people will go past. You should aim to leave room for them.
  10. Oh no doubt it was my fault, people are always telling me that.

    I was staying away from the centre line for cars coming the other way.

    Can't take off quick - no turning arrow so I have to wait for all traffic coming the other way to finish - they have right of way as apparently people going through stale red lights do too and deliberate head on crash isn't something they taught me in defensive riding.
  11. The problem isn't the car behind going past its all the pricks behind that may not know your there.

    I have had a few heart in mouth moments with this - 4WDs come flying up on you when your stationary then cut into the other lane at the last millisecond and no indicator or brake lights, if there's someone behind when the 4WD moves you think the car expects to see a stationary bike?

    I've learnt not to turn at certain spots if I have to come to stop, it's not worth it in my book.
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  12. If there's a queue of cars to your left-rear, then the bloke at the head of if it has two choices. He can sit pat and wait for you to turn, and incur the impatience and wrath of the people behind him, or he can sneak past you, in which case the rest will follow.
    Just be aware that the sword cuts both ways; just as it is illegal for people to pass YOU in your lane while you are standing still, so it is illegal for you to pass THEM in the same lane while they are standing still (filtering)......
  13. Yeah I don't filter, but like bikes apparently there are some cars that filter
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  14. I try not to turn right unless I have a slip lane.
    A handy move is to hook turn it.

    Turn left, u turn, then cross the road perpendicular.
    No one will rear end you playing the 'swerve round the stationary bike' game.
  15. Fair enough ... I must have missed some of that in detail in your OP. It's hard to be prescriptive about lane positioning which was the main fault with the old 'defensive' system ie being prescriptive, rather than being analytical which is the focus of the roadcraft paradigm.
    In general there are default lane positions but that will always be varied by the conditions at the time... and that can be anything from weather factors to time of day to local suburban traffic knowledge.
    All you can do is ask yourself "what could I have done differently" that may have been less vulnerable.
  16. Probably not a lot. The right lane is a wide one. If I'd stopped further to the left they'd probably just try to squeeze in to the left lane a bit and scrape me.

    So what can I do? Not use that intersection. It's also a steep down hill stop and the bitumen has wrinkled up with all the cars & trucks stopping there. Bounces my little 150 around like bejeezus.
  17. If not using that particular intersection is a solution then maybe that's an answer ... sometimes discretion is the better part of valour ... There are a couple of intersections I avoid when possible because of similar issues but that's also time-of-day dependent too.

    e.g. I have a roundabout that I use to access my culdesac that can be right dangerous ... through traffic often doesn't even slow down at all for people already on it turning across the dominant traffic flow ... I've had a couple of close calls and am very wary now to the point of stopping if they look like barrelling through. It's not a problem if I take another route.
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  18. Doesn't one of the road rules that people quote to justify filtering say that you're allowed to overtake a stationary vehicle waiting to turn right, on the left within the same lane? Look at road rule 141(1)(b)

    There's an uncontrolled intersection on a moderately busy road near home that I often turn right at, and I'm used to cars overtaking me within my lane there. I usually sit to the right of my lane to give them a bit more space to do so. Blocking them would just feel like I'm holding up traffic for no good reason.
  19. You can't be serious.
  20. Why do you ride?
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