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Waiting to go again

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Cheeks, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. So I tore my acl and mcl coming off in traffic after 6 weeks on the road. I bounced up at the time, the bloke behind me helped me get the bike off the road, and I felt okay, though in shock. 9 weeks later the brace is off, the bike repaired, but the knee is weak and hurts like hell.

    Lesson? I was on my way to give a presentation (I'm doing post-grad study at night) and was thinking about what I was going to say, not about riding the bike. I had felt comfortable up until that moment, so I learnt In one agonising moment that the bike and the road require all my attention, all the time. I still can't believe it happened. I'm now feeling strangely nervous about getting back on the bike, not because of the accident, but because I want to get back on so badly. I wonder if I should temper my enthusiasm in light of what occurred, or go with it? Time will ultimately tell.

    I enjoy reading the experiences of other learners on here, and wish no one to be put off by my experience. I loved my brief introduction to riding, and am hooked, bung knee and all. I think I may have used the bike as a commuter, when I bought it for pleasure, confusing my original motivations. No matter I suppose. Now to rehab that skinny leg.

    Cheers from the Cheekster.

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  2. Hi Cheekster, glad you are on the mend. Yes you spotted the lesson, stay in the moment on the bike, don't be mentally elsewhere. There is an understandable hesitation in getting back on the bike. They occur for all sorts of reasons. Yours seems to be you don't trust yourself to not let your exuberance run away. It happens even to longer term riders. You will be OK, as individuals we tend to learn from our mistakes, now if we could only achieve the same thing as a species. ;)
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  3. Hi Cheeks, sorry to hear about your off.
    All vehicles require all your attention all the time while on the road, and probably more so while riding . And we've all had moments where we were not paying the required attention while using the road and have had close calls.
    If it's any consolation, winter is a good time as any for rehab. Hopefully you'll be back on the bike by spring/summer.
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  4. Welcome Cheeks, and back to the world of vertical.
    I've been there, ruptured ACL, no weight bearing for 8 weeks. Watching your leg muscles shrink away to nothing.
    I did mine 20 years ago and some days I still notice it. I didn't do it on a bike though.

    Keep working on it and take it easy when you do get back on the bike.
    It will get really stiff quickly so you probably won't be able to do long rides for a while, just lots of little runs to get it used to the riding position.
    Keep it up though, with Physio and Hydro and it will come back.
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  5. Thanks! I've already picked out the quiet streets and Sunday morning rides to ease me back when I feel the leg is strong enough. A few mates have offered to take me on longer rides to for fun and to teach me a few things. It's been a humbling and batshit- boring experience. As for the species... all we can do is try. Cheers.
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  6. Thanks mate. Did you have the surgery? I've been advised not to, and at the tender age of 46, I wonder how long it will take. As you say, I need to take it easy... Cheers.
  7. Yes, but mine was in pieces. I couldn't stand on it at all so I had too.
    If yours is just torn, then it will come back, but you need to keep working it so that it remains useable.
    The physio's should be able to give you a good idea, but I'd plan for another 8wks to get it working, and then another 12 or so to get it back to some semblance of normal.
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  8. Sorry to hear about the off cheeks, Interesting to hear about cruciate ligaments and the damage done.

    I busted both acl and mcl about 4 years ago making a footy comeback (lol) and turned down the reco surgery as the timing was all bad with a new baby and loss of income a big factor. After physio and some exercising I don't have any major issues with the knee while riding or playing with the kids etc. I sometimes find it a bit stiff but that could be old age kicking in haha. The knee joint itself is a bit sloppy but no real dramas.

    Loads of great sporting stars played for years without cruciate ligaments so it can be lived with successfully.
    All the best for a full recovery and good luck with returning to riding.
    Cheers Ryan
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  9. Good on you, sounds like a perfect recovery. I can power up and down stairs and walk pretty well now, but any twisting sends a jolt of pain! Cheers.
  10. Sorry to hear about your off, hope you have a speedy recovery and return to bikes
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  11. Hey CheeksCheeks really sorry to hear about your off and hope you recover well. It's a bit of a sobering experience, but great to know it hasn't dampened your love of riding. Hopefully you'll be able to get back to practicing in quiet streets soon and then onward to more adventures just in time for the warmer weather. :happy:
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  12. G'day CheeksterCheekster, that's good you're ready to rehabilitate your knee after injury - I have had the same type of ACL and MCL injuries and for me it was a matter of doing the rehab exercises and not over-doing anything early on, giving the knee time to recover. It certainly let me know when it wasn't happy!

    Several times I've caught myself thinking about work or other matters when riding and had to focus on the task of just riding the motorcycle - easier said than done, isn't it. As others have said, take it easy and you'll be back to riding before long, small steps at first. Your knee will let you know what it can handle and what it can't. Let us know how you go.
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  13. Had it on my Friday ride. I had my music playing through my phone and then I noticed I was getting a phone call and then a couple of texts. All sorts of things started running through my head about what sort of trouble I was going to be in at work or something. Realised quickly that I wasn't paying the attention required. My cornering isn't the best anyway and it was only getting worse. Had to snap myself back to where I was and what I was doing.
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  14. Thanks - I'll get there I know. I'm probably already overdoing it as I'm sitting at my desk flexing the knee and she's tender. Cheers.
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  15. Thank you, appreciate the words. I'll be back at it soon enough.
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  16. Yep, it's a singular occupation riding, in a world of a billion distractions. Perhaps it's that purity of focus that makes it so great.
  17. Hey CheeksCheeks yep a true sards moment but glad to hear you are on the mend :)
    There are various schools of thought out there but in general for tears, no surgery is probably best as there has been LIMITED evidence to suggest that surgery exacerbates and even accelerates the onset of arthritis which can be detected radiologically. but ongoing issues (swelling, pain, weight bearing issues) may need an ortho reassessment and potentially an arthroscopy to determine further treatment options.

    Some physio is well worth it and the exercises (esp for the MCL) are important as well. Keep them up on a fairly regular basis to maintain integrity...exercise both legs as well :)

    We all learn from these moments...I have had to learn how not to take out my anger/craziness ie. Not riding really hard, fast and thinking about doing certain kerazy things during these times...esp since I can't ride for shit anyway

    As for going back riding...pah...I'm completely bonkers ^^^ and nothing sensible to offer there :p just try short rides to begin with maybe...
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  18. Knees are strange things. I did mine in March up at Mitta Mitta (getting off the bike, ironically) and had to ride home the next day in utter agony. Not a full break thankfully (still don't know exactly which part it was).
    That trip home taught me a lot, including about how you can manage weight distribution without being able to put weight on the pegs - it may have improved my technique.
    Couldn't ride a pushbike for three months, and only now getting strength back. Told to expect some minor pain for the rest of my life.
    I'm older than you Cheeks, you might heal faster.
  19. titustitus that is a bummer. I feel remarkably good. Still sore and uncomfortable on a winter morning, but walking fine and okay on the pushbike. I'm exercising my hip, bum and thigh to get back stability. Still a while to go. I think persistence with stretching and strengthening is key - as you say, it's a rest of life deal. Best of luck mate.
  20. Glad to hear that you are up and about Cheeks, hope al;ls going well.
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