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Waiting on Vicroads

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kowai, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Anyone else had trouble getting your licence from Vicroads? :roll: Its been almost two months and I'm still waiting for my licence to arrive from them!

    First I'm told they'd sent it.. Then I'm told that it wasn't sent and they'll send it again :shock:

    Atleast I have my piece of paper proving I have my Learners!... :p

  2. yer had similar issues.. and after all that, I called again they told me there was a "technical difficulty" and I had to come in to get my photo taken again...
    at least when I did that I got the license on the spot.
  3. Wow like. Right after I posted that my boyfriend told me that my licence arrived today! :LOL:

    I had to call back Vicroads and tell them not to send out a new one.. Aparently they can't stop it so I'll have to cut up the first licence when I receive the second one :roll: I only just ordered the second one half an hour ago!
  4. Vic Roads are hopeless.

    Took them ages to sort mine out as I have an Aussie bike licence and UK car licence. The amount of confusion it causes for all concerned is comical.

    I love Vic Road website too , they seem to specialise in conflicting and ambiguous information.
  5. yep. I think I got mine about 2 days before the date I was told to ring up and complain (3 months after the test IIRC??)
  6. i waited 5 minutes then they gave me my license and i left. what could possibly take so long? NSW RTA is ok i guess, ive never had a problem with them before.
  7. Well I got my licence through Stay Upright :) They took my photo and conducted the test and all that, but they have to send your information to Vicroads, who print out the licences and mail them out to you.

    Finally got my card :) Its so weird to have a Learner card sitting in my wallet! Very proud of it though - except for the mugshot with helmet hair!
  8. Dont cut it up, use it as a spare.