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Waiting List ? for Learners ?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Guest, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. Could somebody please tell me. If I want to do my leaners in the last week of Feb or the first half of March at HART. Should I book now ? .

    Or in other words, do you thibk that there is a waiting list/ the lessons are book up a lot in advance ?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Alway better to book ahead of time, just in case

    I know some people that only booked a week before and got in

    think it just depends on there numbers
  3. umm i dont understand? why not book? garantee your spot and book.. y is this even a question? book now and your garanteed a spot for when you want it... plz explain your thoguths behind not booking?
  4. I went for my on the 30th and 31st of last month, so start of last week really.

    I got it booked in only a couple of days before because it was a monday tuesday.

    If i wanted the weekend i would of had to wait a whole month.

    Besides, why even bother asking a question like that, no matter what response you get you should just ring them in the first place.

    Book in advance, always the better thing to do.
  5. amen to that brother...
  6. Whoa !!, Put a hold on it boys :roll:

    It was meant to read, for example, if I wanted to get my licence on the 5th of March. Do I book in now, or do I book in on say the 15th of Febuary.

    I never said that I was going to turn up on the day. The question was Should I book now ? .

    Please read the post first.
  7. Yes. Book it in as early as possible, they get booked out quickly during summer with all schools/unis being on holidays and everyone wanting to get a bike.
  8. Thanks guys. :grin:
  9. https://netrider.net.au/?page=partners

    Two Sth east suburbs bike training venues that give discount to Netrider members ... got your m/ship card yet? You'll save more than the $5 p&h handling fee for the m/ship card :wink: