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Waiting for the lights to turn GREEN!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Dazzler, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Can anyone offer a tip to trigger a traffic light change controlled by those road sensors if there's no cars also wanting to turn. I'm tempted to get off the bike and press the pedestrian button or go through a red.


  2. Search.

    Some things that work sometimes, depending on situation and sensors used:
    - Revving
    - Putting all your weight on the bike, jumping a bit if necessary
    - Turning off then on
    - Moving forward and letting car behind you move on sensor
  3. Yeah, roll back til you're over the marks in the road that signify the electromagnetic pickup coil's underneath it, then press your starter button with the clutch in and the engine running. The extra EM waves usually trigger it pretty quick.
  4. I've tried rolling back and forward. On the weekend waited several cycles and was about to ride over and push the ped button when a car came up. I moved forward and let his vehicle trigger the lights. I'll give these others a go though and see what works.

    Daz :idea:
  5. u can chuck it in neutral put the stand down and walk over to press the pedestrian thingie too!
  6. This works a mint :)
  7. The one time i did that that the lights instantly started the sequence to let the "pedestrian" cross and i had to run back to the bike.

  8. Isn't it illegal to leave your vehicle at an intersection?

    I'm sure someone was booked for being that "unsafe" :roll:
  9. If a set of lights refuses to acknowledge me, I refuse to acknowledge it.

    I think some of them are just a bit up 'emselves!
  10. I just look to make sure there's no cops around, and ride through. Hey, if it doesn't work, what am I supposed to do? Stick around all day?

    I'd actually be interested to know what the legal position is. No really. Have you never been caught at red lights that did not work? Everyone drives through, eventually. Doesn't seem to happen that much nowdays, but it used to.

    I wouldn't really want to test it with a 'sympathetic' cop, what a pain in the back side that would be. But I do wonder ....
  11. i been told they do not work on weight sensors but work similar to metal detectors that create a loop. if your bike does not trigger the sensor its usually faulty or getting old. for best results line your bike on edge of the loop (the metal grooves u can usually see). sometimes putting ur bike stand down will help.
  12. Honestly, find the trigger loop and hit the starter button for a while. It's never failed me yet.
  13. Put it in neutral and drop the kick stand on the edge of the loop. I get it a fair bit on my chook but the kickstand usually works. If not I just check for other traffic then run it.

    When I was learning I couldn't get one to trigger so I got off and went to push the button Quickly ran back and accidently tapped the gear leaver when I was putting the kick stand up, so naturally it cut out, and by the time I kicked it over the lights were red again. That was when I decided I'd just run reds if the kick stand wouldn't work.
  14. I wouldn't mind knowing the right thing to do legally either! There is a set of lights near my place I often get stuck at. Its a right turn only lane, so I cant just go ahead. There is no marking on the road (maybe the road has been re-surfaced) so I cant see any "trigger loop" and its 3 lanes wide, so running to the pedestrian light switch is not an option. I usually just run the lights, but I know one day there will be a cop behind me, so I'd like to know what to do legally!
  15. If the lights are illuminated (even if stuck on red) they are technically working. You're supposed to go find a policeman and get permission to go through the red light.

    While doing so, you can't leave your bike unattended with the engine running, and I don't think you're allowed to park within 30m(?) of the traffic lights.

    So as you can't park or go forward, you're supposed to somehow reverse your bike to a safe distance away from the lights (assuming by now there's no-one impatiently waiting behind you) park safely and find a policeman.

    You're not permitted to go through the lights while they're red under any circumstances, unless a police officer indicates you may do so.

    In the real world, you can:

    1. Wait for the traffic to back up behind you and hopefully someone will trigger the sensor
    2. Make sure no-ones looking and "procede with caution" (just in case) through the red light
    3. Get the lights to change by one of the other methods previously mentioned in this thread
    4. Eat more pies
  16. i usually just put my stand down and put some weight on it, while staying on the bike.

    seems to work for me.
  17. Aim to run over the side of the TL sensor that runs parallel with the road and make sure you actually go over the "corner". Much better chance of being detected.
  18. The above actually works for push bikes as well !
  19. So much for the law.
    Kinda makes you wonder how we ever manage to cross an intersection WITHOUT traffic lights.
    It's interesting though, I wonder if it's ever been tested in court. Where's the resident cop / lawyer?