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Waiting for my bike ... Torture

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by squidman, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. I bought a CD250 from a dealership in Coffs Harbour (With the help of my brother) its been almost a week, and the guy said the bike will be checked and all this other stuff, then a few days after we bought it he emails us saying he needs my license so he can rego the bike on my name (the ad said the bike will come with 12 moinths rego) so my dad scanned my license and emailed it to him yesterday, so now im waiting for an email from him saying his rego'd the bike or that his sent it out on freight ... Should i ring the dealer and see whats up?

    this wait is killing me i wana ride!! :nopity:
  2. Have you already paid him the full amount of the purchase price?

    If you have he is probably on the go slow because he has already got what he wants.
  3. Yeah already paid him, thats a shit go if his taking his time i want this bike now lol
  4. or he could just be very busy and he wants to make sure he looks after you so you stay on as a customer

    and if he's waiting for some extra bits you might have wanted (??) then he's in the hands of other suppliers who don't know how anxious you are

    pleasures postponed, you know.........
  5. It's not like he's asking for more money or anything. As long as they aren't hooning around with it (check the kms), it'll probably be as Hornet has written.
  6. From what he told me he shouldnt be waiting on any parts, he said he'd check the oil on the bike and that he will put the rego (blue slip) on the bike under my name after i sent him my license details (scanned my license and emailed it), dont get me wrong he seems like a top bloke, actually putting the rego under my name saving me from paying for a transfer fee on when i actualy get the bike .. im just having a sook coz i wana ride, meh
  7. patience grasshopper!!
  8. He got the license yesterday, he probably goes or has someone go to the RTA every couple of days. Were you expecting him to drop everything the moment he got the email? It'll get there.
  9. Why does he need a copy of your license , you don't need to have a license to be the registered owner of a vehicle.

    Are you getting the feeling yet, that what may turn up is not as what was described to you before buying....
  10. you are cruel!!
  11. i dont understand ??
  12. Which part don't you understand....
  13. I can help.


    Just PM me and i'll tell you where you can send the money :D
  14. I rang him and he said the rego is done and his organised the freight and the bike will be on its way on monday lol .. if im getting scammed im gonna molotov his shop
  15. I've been waiting for my CBR250R w/ ABS to come in for 5 weeks now. Still nothing so your situation isn't all bad.

    Well, compared to mine anyways. I know how it feels, just want to get on the road!!!!