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waiting for hyosung part

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by monkeymich, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. have had my bike in for crash damage repair for almost 2 months.My mechanic recivied a call from Hyosung supplier saying sorry about the delay.That was a month ago.I have read that people buying from the internet in America can get thier parts WITHIN four days of order from SOUTH KOREA! Has any one else had this problem.Or is it because I bypassed the regular Hyo dealer in(ahem cough cough) Melbourne for the excellent one horse pony ex Peter Stevens guy in my local neighbourhood!Maybe I am paranoid ,but I am so over exaserbated by the wait. :-w Really am toey for my bike :facepalm:

  2. When I stacked my Hyo last year I had all parts except for a clutch lever and indicator the next day. I bought direct from PS. What parts do you need? I have a few bits in the shed. Try a wrecker?
  3. It took Suzuki almost 5 months to finally send all the parts (Actually, it took about 7 months, but the bike was rideable with the parts received after 5 months...) required to repair the bike after I low sided it on the right hand side. Suzuki, in their infinite wisdom :roll: sent parts for:

    The wrong side
    The wrong bike
    The wrong model bike

    and parts that were malformed out of the factory.

    Just remember, there is always some poor bugger out there who is/had it worse then you ;)
  4. When I had the Hornet rear-ended in traffic it was off the road for three months.. The shell that goes under the seat was not available new, or second-hand, anywhere in Australia, and it took forever to come from Japan. I missed most of the riding season of 2006 in that fiasco..

    That said, I would be contacting Hyosung national headquarters and having a quiet word with them.

    Contact Us

    Postal Address
    Hyosung Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 460 7872 6388)
    20 Stubbs Street
    Kensington, Vic 3031

    (03) 9381 9798
  5. Hyosung Australia are pants, mine took 12 weeks to get fixed when the engine blew. There are 2 Guys in Korea

    This Guy http://www.seaies.com is most active, not only does the delivery seem much quicker but he is significantly cheaper.

    There's also this one I dealt with him when tring to get sensible prices for parts to repair mine.


    Also If you have a 250 they are recalling them to deal with some swing arm corrosion issues in the UK, you might want to check.
  6. So, this is the advantage of buying a brand new bike, instead of a POS?

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Unfortunatly there is no Hyosung Australia just the importers...

    Just Peter Stevens Imports...
  8. Then who is at the address which I put in my post???
  9. Peter Stevens - I'm not sure how company law works Hyosung Australia whilst existing as a company is not part of Hyosung Korea, who are now called S&T Motors http://www.hisntmotors.com
    They are listed as Hyosung Australia Pty but when you ring, its answered as "Peter Stevens Imports"
    I'm not sure how long PS have been the importer but I suspect less than 3 years as that would explain their reluctance to support bikes that they didn't sell.
  10. There are a couple of non-PS Hyosung dealers in rural Victoria (ie Penna Motorcycles in Bendigo) - might be worth getting in touch with one of them to see if they have the parts in stock. Unlike city stores that seem to just rely on ordering anything when/if it's needed country shops tend to keep a fairly good supply of parts in stock. I tried ordering a Suzuki part through PS in Melbourne and was told it'd be 3-4 weeks - local mechanic (who was not an official Suzuki dealer) had one in stock.
  11. stubbs st is peter stevens warehouse....PS is the distributor for hyosung as they were for harley davidson at one stage.....so the dealers buy hyosung parts through peter stevens.....whats the parts that you need?As i have quite a few parts here
  12. Check korider as well monkey as there is another guy in Korea that sells Hyo genuine parts and ships internationally.... forget the address atm but it won't be hard to find.

    PS are getting better at having parts ready to go for them... pity they jacked the price to compensate.
  13. finally got it

    thanks to all the information posted I finally got it back last thursday :grin: .8 weeks.what we were waiting on was a muffler and a stiker for the fairings.I will ask my mechanic who he went through.I had a feeling it might be P.S. though.Now I have a 3month old muffler with a few tiny scratches and left hand fairing with a few blue and white scratches on the back.So if anybody needs those contact me
  14. Why, it's Triumph Australia :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    From http://www.triumph.co.uk/uk/6801.aspx

    Importing a motorcycle into Australia

    It is only possible to import a motorcycle into Australia if it is covered by a COC.

    For more detailed information, please visit http://www.dotars.gov.au/transreg/vsb/vsb_10.aspx or email vimports@dotars.gov.au

    20 Stubbs Street

    Tel : (++ 61) 3 9381 9766
    Fax : (++ 61) 3 9381 9798


    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Damn PS and their monopoly :roll:
  15. damn it

    yes I figured.mmm P.S. but Triumph.Well Ill be
  16. hi monkey mitch...yeah those hyosung panels dont come with decals....in regards to the muffler...that genuine muffler is quite expensive so you could have went for the "genuine hyosung" performance option which is a locally made aftermarket jobby
  17. Re: finally got it

    The mufflers for these things are made in Australia and you could have bought the bike back for the sticker.

    Sounds like your repairer was really slack.
  18. The 'performance' cans for Hyo's are actually made in melb by Megacycle.

    It is actually cheaper to buy a carbon can direct from megacycle, then a factory hyo can.
  19. I believe the standard Australian ones are too. May be tranzac
  20. If Hayo part is not in stock at the PS warehouse it is usualy a factory back order... lol PS were stuck without RHS mirrors for 8 weeks and LHS front indicators for 6 weeks!!

    It is worse for Triumph if it goes on a factory back order...

    Honda, Suzuki, possibly Yamaha and I think Kawasaki will actualy check with all their warehouses around the world to see if any of them have the part that their dealership needs... HD does a regular parts buy back to restock their warehouses... NO one wants to have their customers wating for a factory back order...