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Wait for the kneejerk reaction

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. The holiday road toll is higher than last year, the papers are already in hysteria mode, now just wait now for more misguided reaction from clueless governments......

  2. Yep, the road toll statistics always put evryone in a spin. I am sorry for all those that have lost someone on the roads, it cannot be a nice experience but this statistic is insignificant when a person goes missing evey 18 minutes in Australia. Yet we don't see the resources spent on this problem compared with the funds spent reducing the road toll. Admittedly a lot that go missing are due to their own free will but at least half aren't. That's still 15,000 compared with 350-400.
  3. So.... we need to flood the "letters to the editor" of all the main papers with letters that say "see, the worse stats in ages, proves the gumnt fixation on speed and speed cameras is only successful at raising revenue, and the road toll"

    Enough letters being sent in will get at least some printed, esp if the so-call rider interest groups and lobby grouip got involved.

    Of course, my condolences to all those who lost loved ones over christmas, but I'm sorry to say the gumn'ts will be using your grief as a political football in the weeks to come.

    Glad to say that with a large increase in rider numbers in Tas over the break (well, my impression anyway) not one serious bike incident so far, just two major single vehicle incidents involving cars.

  4. I see it like this. How many more cars on the roads are there?? Wouldnt that suggest the more traffic the more chance of an accident. It would be great to have no fatalities. But i am sorry to say that the more traffic on our rds the more accidents. When will they understand??
  5. The holiday road toll probably has a lot to do with the greater number of people in unfamiliar situations - travelling in areas they're not familiar with and travelling far greater distances than normal. And of course there's always the overloading of vehicles with luggage or unfamiliarity with towing boats/caravans etc. which tends to occur more frequently this time of year.
  6. Yes, when will the media wake up and start realising and calling the governments on the existing traffic enforcement campaigns that simply are doing nothing to lower the road toll?
  7. More to the point, when will idiot drivers wake up to themselves?

    You should see the nuts around the roads here. Speeding and putting other people in danger just to get a cars length in front.

    What can the gov do to stop idiots wrapping themselves around poles?

    Just up from my place 2-3 days ago, idiot did a U turn without looking. Copped a T bone. Heli ambo and all. What a cost. What do you do with them? Education? They know how to drive and the rules. How do stop them from doing these things?

    While you can argue the cameras are revenue creators, (I don't agree) what other way do you stop the crashes. I don't call the accidents, they are in the main preventable.

    Need for drivers to take responsibility for their actions.
  8. In a single word, "training".

    Want to know what would honestly lower the road toll?


    Want to go from L's to P's? Have to do a driver and road skill awareness training course, rather than just drive around the block a few times and parallel park between some cones.

    Where is there ANY real ongoing assessment of new driver's skills?

    What would do wonders if part of the annual registration fee would go towards driver/rider training. Essential road-skills and road-craft training. Perhaps once when you get your P's, once in 6 months, then at 12 months, then at 2 years when you progress to a fully licensed driver. Then maybe again at 5 years, and perhaps one last one at 10 years (maybe not needed). Get real hard and nasty on the drivers, drill the safety message into them, and apply a license classification system around it that counts towards TAC insurance premium discounts.

    Spend the time to actually drill the message into the driver's and rider's heads that they are actually weilding a lethal weapon, to fine-tune important road skills like indicating correctly, patience and good driving practises.

    You know. Something. Anything. Anything other than practically throwing a license at the next young-blood and the forgetting about them until they wrap themselves around a tree, or take out a family in an oncoming car.

    Crap, when we send our soldiers to war with lethal weapons the government gives them the required training. Why not with cars/bikes?
  9. Well said cathar.. :applause:
  10. My thoughts exactly, they are collisions and are usually preventible unless there is a mechanical failure but usually it's the nut behind the wheel or handlebars that causes most collisions.

    I haven't witnessed a fatal on the road as such (driven past a few) but have been involved in several on the race track which could be worse as you usually know or know of the victim which makes it difficult to deal with later on but you have a job to do at the time.
  11. Ummm I think everyone in the known universe knows it does not stop speeding (cameras) and everyone knows that the Gov. uses it to raise revenue :roll: :roll: :roll:

    BUT you will NEVER get a pollie to agree with that coz it would snuff the bankroll :roll:

    Cheers :cool:
  12. I totally agree with eduactional training! Its the only way to make people realise that driving is not a god given right! And responsibility and care has to be given when driving and riding at all times. I believe the bike licence system is much more compitent in providing awareness to the dangers whilst riding compared to the car licence system. There was a push for an education based licenced system by a car magazine last year but the government flat out regected the idea!?! Was this idea rejected based on cost!?! Judging by the governments quick fix solution (Law change for p platers!) I say yes! Its just propaganda bullshit!
  13. The same level of fiscal hypocrisy exists in the smoking debate.

    Yes, smoking costs billions (probably) in preventable disease. What is the Government's response, at all levels, state and federal, Liberal and Labour?

    Lots of 'tut-tutting' and 'Quit' programmes, and a fervent hope that they DON'T WORK because they would be broke without the excise and taxation revenue......
  14. Yeah, I reckon concentration is the key. If people just paid attention, and drove sensitvely to the risks around them there would be no accidents.

    Most car drivers only barely pay attention to what's going on around them, and will usually only notice something if it will kill them, like trucks.

  15. Good points Brian, but the gum'nts try to sell the speed camera as the panacea of all ills, to quote teh sfaety task force here "lower speed limits and speed cameras are the (next) silver bullet" (They claim the silver bullet first was seat belts)

    But how the hell does a speed camera stop your example of a sudden u-turn? or the idiot tailgater?, or the dangerously drunk twat weaving across all the lanes on a freway, at way under the speed limit? Or any of a million other examples that show that Darwin wasn't quite on the money, as the older I get, the more idiots there seems to be.

    In every situation that could be an incident in teh making a live, real, trained police-person actively patrolling would be the right answer.
    But Cops COST MONEY to train, to keep, to pension off etc, cameras are a but a drop in the bucket to buy and operate, they can be AND ARE set up to generate more revenue than save lives.

    Cops have the added bonus of being able to adminster first aid, properly control a situation, be proactive etc.

    Put more trained cops on the road, keep the speed cameras for known problem areas where excssive speed is the irrefutable major trigger of an incident.

    I do not agree that "They know how to drive and the rules" at all, the fact they do such obviously stupid things, and even at best often show no recognition of vehicle length, correct stopping distance or the results of their actions shows they DO NOT know how to drive.

    You can get a license in your teens, and NEVER have to keep up with the road rule changes.. never, you're never re-assessed, never quizzed on any changes, or simply checked to make sure your competent ever again.

    Training and education can help (note the only 100% cure for human stupidity is mortallity). In Tas and many other states the introduction of compulsory rider training for learners and P platers has shown good results. The TAC here is going to subsidise the cost of rider "refresher training" for us old farts who are licensed but not ridden for a number of years. A good move.

    Heavy vehicle, bus operators also need specilaist training, but not the most common object on the road, the tintop operator.

    All that is required to get a car learners is to rock up and sit a simple multi choice test, no guarantee you know how to operate a car, use the brakes, or even steer properly, but in Tas at least it's do the test, pass, pay for the piece of paper and jump straight into the drivers seat of any bloody car you want, inc turbo, V8 anything.

    Fill out a 50 hour log book, do a drivers test, your a P plater...... off you go, fill your boots. Your competent young fella, cos your old man/lady has taught you all they know.... HELLO, the old man/lady are FARKING USELESS DRIVERS AS WELL!!!!

    Why not enforce compulsory pre learner training, as per riders?
    The secondary schools could be the place. It's been successfully done before. Nope, lose the pollies too many votes, and it'll COST MONEY.

    Sadly, humans do not take responsibility for themselves. My generation, as a generalisation, has failed to instil a sense of responsibility on their children. The actions of corporations, the legal system and gum'nts has also demonstrated that in this world, you need not be responsible for your own actions.

    Pollies will NOT apply license/driver standards equally across all road users, as this will alienate them against the majority of their "constituents" It's easier to ignore the obvious and pick on the minority, us.

    If the pollies were serious about road safety, they would ban all passenger vehicles with more than 80 kW power tomorrow (who needs 180kw to drive to work, or the kids to school???), enforce pre-licence training, yearly "pop tests" of road rule knowledge before renewing a license, remove all wire rope barriers (and similar hazards), fix the pacific highway, remove all road side advertising, create economical, comfortable and reliable public transport, put a visible, properly staffed, and active police force on the roads, recreate rail transport infrastructure to minimise heavy transport..............
    And sadly... yep, they'll ban bikes and scooters.............

    But it won't happen, they don't have the guts, or the will to do it.

    My 2 cents, grossly inflated of course
  16. But.... It may give some pollies a chance to backfilp and still save face.
    It'll only take a few back benchers and/or ministers who have a very marginal seat to make waves by "agreeing" to what they believe to be their constituents will (and therefore get more votes and keep their seat) to start going against the current policy to get things to happen.

    Logic and common sense doesn't work, but attacking a pollies pride and votes will.


  17. If we could just get some of the coddled clots to ride motorcycles, I'm sure there'd be a different attitude. Maybe the manufacturers should get together and give each state premier and transport minister a bike and some gear.....?
  18. If there is one single aspect that should be drummed into everyone then it is to raise your vision, ie look up he road and try and read it, if your in a line of traffic look four or five cars ahead( your peripheral vision will sort out the cars in between) and if on a bike then always look over your shoulder and don't rely on yor mirrors. Thats what I was taught ( or part of it anyway) and its kept me safe- so far
  19. I don't know what point you're trying to make but you're deliberatly and misleadingly using statistics.

    What the hell does that mean? Contrary to your seemingly paranoid view of the world, no there are not thousands of people being unwillingly abducted each year. When people are abducted, its practically always by family or friends, and evidence is very clear and the situation is resolved in hours.

    I've read that something like 99% (at least high 90's) of people who are reported missing are found within 48 hours of being reported. Most of the rest are found within days or weeks.

    Much fewer people go missing (permanently) than are killed on the roads annually.

    Why would we spend more money on this?
    Contrary to your misleading statistics, there aren't a huge number of missing person cases and police have adequate time and money to investigate these things.

    Pray tell, seeing as you're an expert, what are the resources being spent on this problem? You have spoken to experts/police who say this is inadequate?
  20. Not my misleading statistics, these figures are taken from a ad that is on television at the moment. Informed or misinformed I was meerly quoting the information to hand. Dangerous that figures had not been verified before being quoted, yes, but the ad has done its job and I drew the conclusions that the ad was designed to.