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Wait a sec! Is that a Motorcycle??!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by deyago, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. Look! Look! Over there, it's a motorcycle! Let's talk about it for a while!

    "EDIT" Particular issue thankfully over with, lets talk bikes! And associated "stuff"

    So, I'm off to get a new rear tyre this weekend since I rooted the current one by inserting a 4 inch bolt and a nail into it. now what can I do with a near new stuffed tyre? Can you say "really big burnout"? I can! Just need to find a good place to trash it in peace.

    I'm also getting some new boots for my birthday, some el smicko Alpinestars that I will ponce around in until I get the first scratch on them then they wont see polish for months if not years.

    Love riding in to work again, cold but clear and dry. Soon to be warm, clear and dry :D .

    So, what bike related goodness are you indulging in?

  2. Adelaide via Broken Hill then home around the coast, leaving Thursday.
  3. What is the goss on the horny and Rc'y characters?
    Apparently they have been babbling on a lot. :LOL:
  4. hey deyago...... you just started another thread about them :LOL: :LOL: :p

    bikes GOOD. bullshit BAD. :D
  5. that'll teach you.

    Next time use the 100mm instead.
  6. I'm taking smee's advice. It's 19 degrees here in Wollongong, I've sent my resume to several people this morning, {any laser printer sales jobs available in Melbourne??} so I'm going to get the mighty Hornet out of the garage and ride instead of talking about it!
  7. Test riding a K1200S while the R1150RT is in for a check-up...then maybe a trip to Murrabit, Echuca, Benalla (so I can justify it for work!), Millawa, Mansfield (another work stop!)...you get the picture. Oh, yeah, and new Tiger Angel leathers!

  8. Got new front and rear rubber on my bike last Wednesday. On Saturday took it for a little spin down the Eastern Freeway, yeas I know very boring, and proceeded to Mentone to jump onto Beach Rd for my trip back into the city. I was stopped at the corner of Alexander Pde and Wellington St facing the entrance of the freeway with a clear road. As one does, I gave it a handful in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Man I'd pretty much forgotten how fast the ZZ-R1100 accelerated. :D :D :D I hadn't ridden the bike since Queen's Birthday.
  9. Shhhh! trying to let that bit of a contradiction slide....nothing to see here, move along!

    Has anyone purposely tried to shrink their leather gloves? Since no one seems to have hands deformed enough to fit the ones I wanted to sell I'm thinking of trying to shrink the fingers using water and heat, ie wet them and dry them quickly with a hair dryer or something. Yes, sounds stupid, but when you spend $200 on gloves you want to at least try to get some use out of them :? , bloody things. :)
  10. No..but if you figure out a way let me know, I have a pair that would benefit from the treatment too. thanks...........
  11. i got a nice alley, has a bit of oil on the road as well. even a photographer onsight

    let me know if you want some pics taken

    :D :D
  12. No, but putting leather into boiling water should cause it to shrink, of course it will also cause it to harden slightly.
  13. Hey didn't think of that, boil water hmmmm. If I give it a good going over with leather stuff (you know, leather stuff, that stuff?) they should remain soft enough. Maybe I'll start with the little fingers and see what happens. Can I blame you if it all ends in tears? :)
  14. My bike is pretty much back together after the stack on the whitfield mansfield run on Anzac day. A fairing braket or two might still need to be replaced but its all good.

    After a quick purchase (read running from shop to shop) of a long socket arm and socket to fit the rear axel nut, tightened my chain for the first time.

    Been contemplating ditching the winter gloves for my leather gloves but the few midnight rides home are still pretty cold.

  15. The continued persuit of the perfect new bike.....

    Suzuki VL800 Boulavard


    Triumph America....

    Damnit why cant they just let me test ride em!!!!!
  16. Because the salesman is dense and doesn't want your money? No test ride = no sale, as far as I'm concerned. I really wonder about shops that don't let you test the bikes, it's not like buying a bloody t-shirt, you can't just bring it back if the fit isn't good. :roll:
  17. Bastard...

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  18. What's WRONG with sales organisations today? I test rode a new Hyosung and I test rode the Hornet before buying. Signed an insurance waiver with the national debt of a small African country as the excess, and found out what I wanted to find out.....
    Who's paying these show-pony's wages if they're not selling anything? I mean, I'd buy a toaster without a test, but a bike, or a car, or a plasma TV or something substantial.........?
  19. You could try a bit of BS... Tell them you've just ridden a Honda and Yamaha equivalent and you're probably going to buy one unless... :twisted:
  20. Do you have a full license?

    If so then scoring a demo ride on a Triumph America should be no issue at all, if the dealer doesn't have a demo in stock he will in most cases get hold of one for you or point you in hte right direction at the very least.