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waht to look for when purchasing

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mikezzz, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. hi guys, ..im new to this forum.. went through the whole which bike to get for my first bike.. i am about 6ft so have decided to get a kawa zx2r... i like it the most.. im kind a car guy or was.. and when buying a new car i know like the older the mode lgets the more problems it has ect. is this the same with bikes..

    lIke if i am looking at a 1990 bike which is 17 years old when u think about it.. is this a unwise move.. or do they tend to last longer then cars and be more reliable..

    also, if anyone could give me tips on what to look for when buying a bike this would be helpful also

    appreciate any help you guys can give me..


  2. cars are like bikes, some are relaible and will last, some wont, it depends on the how well it was maintained. there is shitloads of stuff on this website about buying your first bike. i reckon take a look at that. new riders and riding tips forum champ! :grin:

  3. thanx heaps guys...
  4. Easy. Get a GSF250.

  5. But generally, an average 250 won't last as long as an average car.

    Although that might be because they're totaled by some learner newbie before they have a chance to explode on their own terms :)
  6. My 26yo car = 250k kms (engine rebuild 30000kms ago, didn't need it, but had bits laying around)
    My 17yo work ute = 400k kms (no engine rebuild, but needs one)
    My 18yo bike (cbr250r) = 35k kms will be flat out getting too far past 100k kms.

    Reliability will depend on whose used it before.