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Waht 2007 CBR600RR accessories are available...?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ZacAttack, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Hello All,

    i have just upgraded from a 250 to a 600 :grin: (literally just yesterday) and bought a stock standard 2007 Honda CBR600RR (only done just over 2K and with no mods got it at a steal of 11K).

    Anyway, i know i will definitely get a fender eliminator but what other mods do you know or have you done to a CBR600RR?


    (if there is a post/thread like this somewhere that i haven't found by all means please let me know)

    [edit] or even good websites too...

  2. Where do you want to stop? :? Mods are like a piece of string, they can go on forever. Do a search of ebay US and you'll find heaps of bling. Also, check out mine in my garage for some ideas.
  3. What a bizarre question.

    Is there something wrong with this bike that you want to fix, or do you just have money burning a hole in your pocket? Get some fluffy dice and be done with it.
  4. he has bought a 600RR that should tell you enough mate.... bling for the sake of it my friend.

    may i suggest some carbon bits and some gold titanium bolts, maybe some blue xenon headlights and an underbody multicolour fluro light
  5. You fair dinkum?? :?
  6. just a dig in jest matey. whatever type of bike he asked such a seemingly pointless question about wouldve got the same response...unless it was a suzuki :)

    is :? the only smiley you have available or something?
  7. Yeah, I'm in a permanent state of :? at the moment...

  8. hows the new addition going? keeping you up at night?

    i may aswell take this thread off topic

    on topic: whatever you think it needs...google it
  9. EVERY night :tantrum: But he's well thanks :) Loves rock music ;)
  10. hey guys,

    firstly theres nothing wrong with my bike, but is it so bad to make changes that will improve performance or looks?

    i know that looks wise it comes down to the individual, but thats why i put the question up so i can get as many responses from as many different people and see which mods i prefer.

    some other things i've researched thus far are things like different exhaust system, tuning it to australian conditions, oggy knobs, different steering and like its been said the list can go on.

    I don't have money to burn but if i can focus on one mod i can save up for it, and then once i have it go onto the next one.

    Anyway, thank you to Dougz, i'll definetly check out your bike...
  11. I think what everyone is getting at is:

    You have a supersport race bike. The bike needs nothing it pretty much perfect already. You just got it yesterday so get out and ride the damn thing.

    I have ridden the bike and personally If I bought it I would invest in some tank grip and frame sliders first. Then a DB screen so my tall ass can see the gauges easier. These are mods to make the bike more comfortable for a taller rider like myself. Otherwise the bike is perfect.
  12. the best money you can spend on any bike is getting the suspension setup for YOU.. and perhaps a Superbike School day..

    however, no one will be able to see or hear this mod, but will improve the bike and the way you ride it no end..

    if you want bling for the sake of bling.. jeez... screen, pipe, rim stickers, carbon fibre, levers,bar ends, seat cowl, eliminator, flush mounts, knobs, some led accents... the list goes on..

    hop onto 600rr.net search the garages there
  13. Robbied, don't worry, i spent a good 3-4 hours on it yesterday plus my ride to work and back today. :grin:

    i'll look up what tank grip and sliders are tho...

    Warnabrother, i already have enquired about the schooling, i am expecting information from chequered flag v.soon but i appreciate the suggestion.

    i'll definitely check out the wegsite...cheers

    I think for other things i might just pop into my local retailer and just ask them, i'm sure they'll tell me about all the things i can buy for my bike :p