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Wahooo! Er, I hope

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by duncan_bayne, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Just won an auction for an '81 Suzuki GS1100G on eBay. Needs a new flasher unit, new fork seals and a front tyre but otherwise looks good. I hope. :)

    Will be something of a change from my Mito 125, which I'll be keeping as a track-day bike.

    Christ I hope I haven't bought a lemon :) Looks legit though ...

  2. and you paid how much (if it's not a rude question) ?????
  3. $2k - bang on the reserve amount.
  4. if you haven't got a lemon then that's a DAMN nice price... great going.
    good luck with it mate, keep us updated!
    BIIIIG step up from a 125...
  5. Thanks, it should be a blast :). Already thinking of ditching the stock airbox for pod filters, after that the sky's the limit ... braided lines, updated suspension, rortier cam. It looks like it's got a pretty funky exhaust system as is, but if not, that could be a fun avenue to explore too ...

    True, but it shouldn't be a problem. Many moons ago I used to get around on a 2000 GSXR-600. 2HP down on the GS, but oh, 77kg lighter :)

    That said, it will be interesting getting the GS up our driveway ... steep gradient (Upwey), mix of gravel and asphalt, I get the Mito sideways on the way up from time to time 8-[
  6. you ever thought about a road/trail dude? make going up the drive way a blast, and fun to ride the motorcycle trails and places where we're not meant to go :demon:
  7. Off topic, but you have a nice truck there in your sig mate :beer: I have a '59 SII.

    Hope the bike works out well for you :)
  8. Nice :) My wife grew up with Land Rovers - as a baby, she was brought home from the hospital in her parents' Series 3. She now drives a '95 Disco. It's a family thing :)

    Any photos of your '59? Mine are at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/duncanbayne/sets/72157622950578676/

    Thanks ... fingers crossed. Looking forwards to owning my first muscle-bike :)
  9. Ha ha ha that is awesome!

    Very nice mate.

    This is what it looked like in the day at the Royal Easter Show. It's an ex firefly.


    Now looks like this....but since this photo it has a full hardtop on it...with zebra stripes :)

  10. Lovely :) Do you get out in her much?

    My wife & I are going camping for a week towards the end of this month ... basically chucking a camping bed in the back of Rosemary, buying a couple of serious sleeping bags, and driving north until we come to something that looks desert-like :)
  11. Cool. The canvas looks schmick too.

    Yeah I get out and about in it...love no synchro between 1st and 2nd lol.

    Any pics of the bike?
  12. Yeah ... took me a while to figure out how to drive her. Smooth now - double-clutch into second up & down, and a nice blip on the throttle on the way down. Painful to start with though, poor Rosemary ...

    No photos yet. Picking her up Saturday AM then straight to Mototecnic for a service & RWC, plus (depending upon price) pod filters & jetting :)
  13. Just dropped in to VicRoads to organise the Unregistered Vehicle Permit. I applied for the full 28 days which should be plenty of time for Mototecnic to work their magic, followed by a quick trip to VicRoads to get her registered.

    I also need to pop into a shop & pick up some kevlar jeans. My riding gear is currently a bit track-oriented (a one-piece) so want something more suited to commuting & road-riding.

    Can anyone recommend a good brand of kevlar-protected jeans, and / or a store near me (Ferntree Gully / Upwey) from which to buy them? Last time I wore jeans on a bike for any length of time was about a decade ago ... so I know absolutely zero about the kevlar-protected sort.
  14. Go to aldi on wednesday night or thursday morning, they are having their motorcycle gear sale, kevlar jeans for 69 bucks I think plus some other good stuff. And their stuff is always pretty good despite how cheap it is. You won't be able to walk out from aldi without getting some other stuff too, believe you me.
  15. I know this is way off topic and as such I apologise, but on the topic of Aldi, I purchased one of their 47" HD LCD televisions this week that they have. It was $599 and I tell you what, its a ripper. The picture obviously isn't anywhere near a $4000 samsung or whatever, but for what you pay its fantastic.

    Just thought I would share this useless piece of info for anyone interested.
  16. Don't buy the Aldi electric toothbrush though. Charge it up, put it on your teeth and the bristles stop dead!
  17. Bought a pair of dragging jeans 3 yrs ago, and have worn em almost every day since, including over the himalayas, around Australia, and the daily commute.
    They were black, now almost grey, but pretty damn good value!

    Buy em online, 2-3 days delivery
  18. I'd recommend the draggins as well. They have a good reputation, high quality denim and kevlar, and you can choose how much coverage you want to have. The only problem I have with mine is a zip that falls down... But that's after a lot of use, and will be easily replaced as well.
  19. +1 again for draggins (2 slides in 1 pair, plus 9 months or so of wearing them every week day for work). I'm not sold on the aldi stuff til i can check it in person. I'm about to try a pair of resolute jeans though, they're another aussie one but they dont say if their product is made here or china...