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Wahoo! Go Insurance!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by lowercase, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Holy hell.. what a massive range of quotes!!

    Okay, so being under 25 and having had a suspended licence previously does not allow shannons or insure my ride to help me out.

    However, still lots to choose from :)

    NRMA - $3,600 - rip off
    eBIKE - $3,660 - rip off
    RYNO - $3,036 - rip off
    QBE - $2,311 - fairly decent
    AAMI - $1,290 - why so cheap?? cause they're brand new to insuring bikes and my quote is valid for a year, agreed market value, covering all my gear, loan car/bike etc! check it out!!

    What a serious difference!!! GO AAMI!

    I'll be checking maybe another one or two places, but I think I'll be going with AAMI.

    I know they've had a bad rep, but the guy was really honest with me, and they've done a complete overhaul and really making it work with insuring bikes!


    Check it out with AAMI if you're looking to get bike insurance


    btw, I'm under 25, had a suspended licence, only been a full licence rider since november, and am getting insurance on a Triumph Sprint RS 955i.
  2. Oops... someone else just knocked me back... my previous convictions are so dodgy! :p
  3. What are they each charging for excess though?

    I got quotes for just 3rd party property damage between $120-400/year
    But excess was between $1800 - 2500 which is just insane


    PS: Sprint 955 eh? I have a tank from one of them.. soon to be on my twofiddy :p
  4. Naughty Girl!

    Will have to check them out then as Im only about a couple hundred less than what ur paying - Allianz did the best deal for me at the time, and Im a Good Boy!! ;)
  5. I did an online quote for comprehensive on an 09 cbr600rr, i'm 21. It was $5673 :(
  6. Very bad boy! Now bend over! ;) hahaha


    Excess is the cheapest with AAMI still! $800, where others are $1000 - $1600!!

    AAMI has certainly pulled through for me this time!
  7. You gonna have the hottest 250 tank ... ever! hehehehehe!!!
  8. Niiice..

    what about swan ?
  9. Swan is vic only :)
  10. not according to their website
  11. I'm covered by swann, check again. Mightn't work out too bad for you. I can't wait to see how they change my premium given all the fun I've had in the last year.
  12. I'm with Swann too down here in Tassie. They had the best premium and excess(es) by far for me.
  13. I'll check swan out then :) Always thought they didn't do NSW lol.

    Oh, and AAMI puts me at a level 2 to start, and if in 2 years or 1 year, I forget which, I haven't had any claims, they put me at level 1!!! That means my insurance will be flawless!!!
  14. $2,031 with Swan.

    Nothing better than AAMI in the fineprint...
  15. LOL AAMI just spat out a quote almost 2x what insuremyride did and i've been a very good boy!
  16. I pay around $500 with swan and AAMI just quoted me $1500 online...think I will stick with swan.
  17. $604 for a Cagiva Mito125 (they didn't have Aprilia RS125s in the list)
    sweet lord that's CHEAP. but that's only insured for $4700 agreed-value.
    i'mma check them out some more
  18. AAMI may appear sweet now, fingers crossed you don't have to make a claim, coz that is when they will screw you over.
    Personally wouldn't touch AAMI if they were the only insurance company available.
  19. I dunno, if I do choose AAMI and it turns out to be a mistake, then so be it. But I'm going to give them a chance I believe as they are by far the cheapest for me!
  20. ZX14 with QBE

    $81 /month $900 excess

    being old does have its adavantages