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NSW Wagga Wagga Track Petition

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by blaringmike, May 7, 2012.

  1. Just got this one in an email...

    With the closing of Oran Park and delays in Eastern Creek upgrades and subsequent cancellation of 2 rounds this year, the need for a new track in NSW is even more urgent. Please support the Wagga Wagga track development proposal by signing the petition at teh link below - closing date is May 10th so please do so straight away and pass on to anyone you know.


    Yours in racing
    PCRA Communcations

    EDIT: Also I'm not affiliated with this proposal in anyway :)
  2. Cool, thanks. Link now fixed in OP.
  3. signed, though i will say, wagga is a dam long drive from sydney and personally i cant see many customers for the track in terms of trackdays/riding schools/hot laps etc considering for most people these activities are day trips but if the track were in wagga it would turn into a overnighter at the minimum.

    It will however be very good for country people who have no tracks besides maybe wakefield park
  4. There is a bigger world out there then just Sydney, mate ;)
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  5. i know that however you are justifying the construction of a multi million dollar racetrack complex on account of the fact that all the tracks in sydney have been closed down or are becoming out dated with current track design rules.

    And i am saying that this track is too far away from sydney to actually provide any of the 4.5 million residents of that area with a viable alternative to eastern creek.
  6. Well the trouble is Sydney will never have another track built. Far too many people will complain about noise and land prices are simply to high to get the required space.

    NSW needs the competition, and as a racer we need more tracks to use! I think you will find people will travel if the track is up to the right standard.

    EDIT: Also I'm not affiliated with this proposal in anyway :)
  7. Mike, as much as it is sad to admit, you are right. There will not be another track in the Sydney basin, and ANY track is better than no track. Racers will have to be prepared to travel, stay overnight and race. They used to do that with Hume Weir, which was further away than Wagga Wagga. PLUS northern Victorian racers will be tempted over the border too....
  8. Racers are a strange breed. We certainly will travel if the track is worth it, anything to get our fix. Casual track day riders might not make the journey but that's cool. EC has become over crowded and far too expensive.
  9. Tracks are under threat all over. Land close to cities is becoming too valuable and even when the track has existed for years urban sprawl puts them under threat. I signed your petition. Good Luck.
  10. i agree, nothing like a 40 hour round trip in the car just for 1 hour of track time.

    i would definitely make the trip to ride here, its only 70km more than winton is for me and i go there a fair bit.
  11. This from the Australian Motorcycle News Facebook page

    AMCN has got its hands on a computer generated video revealing the layout and elevation of the proposed circuit in Wagga Wagga, NSW and it needs your support!
    The best way for you show support for the new facility, is via written submission to council during the exhibition of the development application – but you’ve only got until close of business on 17 May, 2012. Submission should be addressed to the general manager, refer to the development application no. (DA11/0625) and emailed to council@wagga.nsw.gov.au. Written submission should be posted to Wagga Wagga City Council, PO Box 20, Wagga Wagga, NSW, 2650.
    A local car club has also launched a petition in support of the circuit, which can be signed at www.gopetition.com/petitions/​da11-0625-motor-racing-track-dr​iver-training-centre.html

    Their Facebook page has a video. be stuffed if i can figure out how to Embed it on here.
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  12. Cheers Mick. I'll definately be putting in a written submission.
  13. Petition signed, I wouldnt mind the overnighter
  14. Signed and used entire character limit on comments :D
  15. roadtrip anyone?
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  16. Last day to sign, get on it!!
  17. Just to add to this...


    Due to the response (overwhelmingly positive so far) to the Development Application before Wagga Wagga City Council for the proposed circuit at 327 Wokolena Rd, Alfredtown 2650, the deadline for responses to the DA has been extended to June 1st. This will also permit a public meeting to take place prior to that date. There is a petition circulating but it is the responses directly to the council that will count, and I urge you to write to:

    The General Manager Wagga Wagga City Council PO Box 20, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

    Re: Development Application DA11/0625

    Responses can also be emailed to: council@wagga.nsw.gov.au

    No time to lose!


    Jim JIM SCAYSBROOK Editor Old Bike Australasia magazine