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Wagga to Tumbarumba - Which Way?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by 99CIBBER, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Hey All,

    I'm looking for some advice on any sweet roads between Wagga and Tumbarumba. Looking at the map there is a few Options.

    Most Direct: Tumbarumba Rd.

    Via Tarcutta: Humula Rd/Carabost Rd

    Via Tarcutta 2: Westbrook Rd/Taradale Rd

    Feeling Keen: Snowy Mtns Hwy/Yaven Creek Rd/Wondalga Rd

    Looking for Tar or hard packed dirt/gravel.

    Just keen to cut out the Hume Hwy on my Annual weeklong ride!

    Here is the most direct route:

    Cheers! CIBBER
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  3. Thanks Resmen, Your 3 dayer looks awesome. How was the ride from Jamieson to Licola? Looks beautiful and remote.

    Can you remember the leg between Tarcutta and Carabost on Day 3? No Google street View on that section.
  4. You're welcome glad I could be of help.
    We didn't do Jamieson to Licola but from people who have done I heard it's a nice ride. We ended up following the route in below post.
    From Tarcutta instead of going via Carabost we took the longer way around back thru Adelong, Tumbarumba then headed southwards.
    I think you needsn't worry much as the roads around there are great for riding, start early as there won't be much vehicles around and you will have a ball.
  5. The long way. You know you want to.

    By the long way, I mean down to wadonga, round to thredbo and kiandra up through elliot way back to tumba.
  6. ha ha Lilley, Cheers dude. This is just part of my 7 day road trip in April. Syd, Gundagai, Tumba, Murray Riv Hwy. Albury, Whitfield, Marysville, the Spur, Melb. GOR and back, Ferry across the bay, The Prom., Omeo, GAR, Home.

    Every Year I take off with a few mates for a road trip we like to call "MILD HOGS". \\:D/This is season III now. So we'll be sampling some of Vics best roads.

    Inspiration taken from the HEMA Motorcycling Atlas and NR members.:D