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Wagga to Cape York off the beaten track

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by dobbo, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. Final bike prep has been done, for a solo trip from Wagga Wagga to Cape York return, via as much dirt as possible.
    Bike of choice: my trusty 2008 DR650, fully kitted with around 70k on the clock.
    Oils, filters, battery, new wheel bearings, new clutch cable, new chain & Sprockets, Heidenau K60 tyres on, bar light fitted, new brake pads, suspension linkages greased, valve clearances okay, forks serviced and spare parts packed.

    Planning 28 days to cover 8-9000km, which isn't much on a road-going touring bike; however a single cylinder DR with all my gear to be self sufficient, over dirt roads (and the concentration required for dirt roads), through Western NSW & QLD, allowing time to check out anything of interest along the way, should be enough for this bloke.
    I have done similar trips in the past, so have 'over time' narrowed down what is needed to be carried, and preparation for the bike and myself. Bike done(y)..... myself not so much!!!! usually get a bit of training in on the bike with some small overnighters and some enduro type riding; however, the weather hasn't been kind around here as off late.

    I originally chose the DR650, as it is a 'basic bike', with a great range of add on gear available and repairable.

    I've decided to start a thread now, however, actual trip photos will come in September, when I return from my ride, as I have no internet available to me, yes..... I am one of the last people on the planet to not own a smart phone :)
    I have tried the smart phone thing before, however, found that I couldn't charge it enough, fitted an power outlet to my bike, but due to all the rough roads, it had limited charging. My current phone can last about 20 days without charging.
    Riding solo, has risks, so I try to minimise then by preparing properly.
    I'll carry a UHF radio, Mobile phone, Personal Locator Beacon (PL8) & Garmin 62s GPS, as well as maps & Compass; and a first age kit (with decent pain killers)

    Bike complete.

    Heidenau K60 scout fitted both front and rear. with recent road closures out Western NSW & QLD, I needed a tyre that can handle some tar, if I need to detour to get around certain sections. Hopefully, these will last the full distance of my trip as well as a mix of conditions. (notice shinny new brake pads, and yes.....they are cable ties around the spokes!)

    Ebay bar light ($26 for 2, delivered)

    14t C/S sprocket, tucked away on the bashplate, for when things get a bit bogged down. Currently running the standard gearing of 15/41 to allow for higher touring speeds and better fuel economy.

    If you see me along the way, come over and have a chat....... as I'll be in need of a break from helmet karaoke. :ROFLMAO:
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  2. Sounds like it's going to be an amazing trip. Stay safe
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  3. all the hall marks of an epic adventure :)
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  4. Have a safe trip dobbodobbo. Can't wait to see the photo's when you get back. :woot:
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  5. Jealous, is me...

    Take care dobbodobbo

    Very much looking forward to the photos.
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  6. Sounds awesome. Take care and hope it's an epic adventure. Can't wait to see some pics.
  7. If you find a way to let folks know when you're passing through I'm sure peeps would give you 'net access to upload pics as you travel.
  8. Impeccable planning, hope it will be a great ride!!
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  9. Lucky Barstardo :).

    Ive got an XT600 and would love to be able to take time off to go on a solo trip like that.
  10. Sounds like it'll be a fabulous trip, mate. Happy trails!
  11. Have fun Dobbo
  12. God speed dobbodobbo
    Stay safe and look after surprise ninja skippies...
    If you swing by the Gold Coast (I know it's in the coast and prob no where near where you'll go, there's accom here).

    Post LOTS of piccies pls :)
  13. Have a great trip dobbodobbo, look forward to your report and photos, 29 years since I was up the cape
  14. very much intrested
  15. Bike looks great, love the Gixxer sticker! Have a good trip
  16. Before you hit the Cape check in with Wayne Leonard's (Cairns Suzuki dealer). Wayne does most of the roads in the lower end of the cape at least one or twice a year. They have pretty good prices on tyres which you hopefully won't need and are used to setting up DR650s for that run.

    No I don't work for them or even live in Cairns.
  17. Good luck and stay upright. Here is a website and travel info run by a Cape York Local that you may find of some help, the lady who runs it puts out a monthly newsletter if you choose to sign-up which surprisingly, it is add free and I think worth the read to learn about track and weather conditions. I am looking forward to seeing your photos on your return, as my brothers and I are in the planning/preparation stage to do the same next year.

    www.cape-york-australia.com <newsletter@cape-york-australia.com>

    Hope this site provides some useful information if you are not already aware of it.

    All the best
  18. Will be waiting for pics....

    Have an awesome trip...
  19. Have a blast - what an epic adventure! I also couldn't recomend Wayne's in Cairns mkore. Super cheap for tyres and great guys! Also perfect bike to be doing it on :)
  20. Good luck on your travels. Sounds like an awesome adventure.