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Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by b12mick, May 24, 2012.

  1. After a couple of glorious days during the week it was disappointing to wake up to a cloudy and drizzly day on Sunday.

    I’m not sure if it was the weather that deterred people, the change of meeting place or the fact the there are 5 Sundays in July that confused people but only three of us met at Kooringal McDonalds. As mentioned in the newsletter and in the email I sent last week the destination for Sundays ride would be decided on the day by those who showed up.

    After consulting a map Me, Myself and I decided it’d be a good opportunity to check out some roads between Wagga and Temora we either hadn’t ridden before or hadn’t ridden for a very long time. After I had finished my coffee and myself had a smoke we geared up and headed off to Junee via Marrar at about 9:10. I led the way, Myself was close behind with Me playing tail end Charlie. Not bad roads and only a little annoying drizzle to put a damper on things. I set a pretty fast pace and after arriving in Junee, Myself considered stopping but Me and I convinced Myself to keep going.

    Myself led the way out of Junee on the Gundagai road before veering left on a narrow back road to Illabo. This was an opportunity for Me to open the throttle with myself and I trying to keep up. This road certainly isn’t to everyone’s taste. It’s narrow, bumpy and has a few floodway dips to keep things interesting, particularly with Me pushing the pace somewhat.

    It was still drizzling and was getting a little bit chilly so we decided that a stop at Illabo was in order. After a coffee, smoke and a wee break I thought it’d be a good idea to put on some thermal inner gloves while Myself and Me consulted the map.

    It was decided that, discretion being the better part of valour, we’d give some of the roads around Illabo a miss and head for Bethungra, turn left at the ‘servo’ and on to Temora.

    The road from Bethungra started out quite narrow and bumpy, but a healthy pace was maintained. A little confusion occurred when we came to an unexpected T intersection. Given that Myself was leading, and can read maps, we turned left, presumably in the direction of Temora. The road to the right looked interesting and I thought that’d be good to try on another ride.

    With the road improving somewhat and the drizzle stopping I took the lead and set a rather quick pace before turning right at Dimaseer. This road is quite a lot of fun, albeit short lived. At the intersection with the Old Cootamundra Rd we turned left and headed for Temora.

    We topped the tank of in Temora before heading to “Pale Face” park for another quick break. I took off the thermal inner gloves as it was now comparatively warm. While Me and Myself were having a coffee and smoke another rider showed up on a Yamaha Venture Royal (think Goldwing). Turns out he was heading to Sydney from Ungarie to sell the bike, but had left his gloves at home and had just bought a pair of gardening gloves. Feeling for the guy I gave him the thermal inner gloves, and with much thanks he headed off.

    Me checked the time, 11:30, and convinced Myself and I that if we headed off now and kept a good pace we could get home in time not only for lunch but to watch the one o’clock AFL game. So, with no time to lose we rode out towards Junee on the Olympic Way before turning right on to the Coolamon road. By this time the drizzle had all but gone and a very enthusiastic pace was maintained. Going through Coolamon we had quick look (didn’t stop) at some MG’s that were ‘on tour’ then headed right onto The Rock-Coolamon Rd to the Old Narrandera Rd. Me thought about heading down Gap Road, knowing that there is about 5km of dirt at this end, but this gives way to tarmac and some nice corners. Myself and I slowed down and decided it looked a bit to wet and muddy, fortunately Me reluctantly agreed and we kept going and headed straight home.

    Me, Myself and I got home at about 12:30 after riding just under 280km. While it was a little wet and a tad cold it was a most enjoyable ride.

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  2. Glad all 3 of you can hit it off well enough to enjoy your ride together.
  3. How was the conversation?
  4. The conversation was stimulating and inteligent - lol.

    I wrote this last year for the club I'm with. I was rather pissed off at the time that no one showed. So rather than go to the meeting and have a rant I thought I'd do a light hearted ride report that still got the message across.

    The reason for posting it now (nearly 12 months later) is because in another thread (MIA - where are they) someone mentioned that there aren't very many ride reports anymore, and this one was a bit different to the normal "We met at ....... rode to ...... had lunch at ...... rode home ..... such and such fell off/got lost/broke bike etc etc"
  5. I enjoyed that, Mick :wink:

    Just as well no-one turned up or your report wouldn't have been nearly as interesting ;lol:
  6. Thanks Hornet. And, as disappointing as it is, you're quite right.
  7. Good to see that you had riders of a similar level :) and somebody to bludge a smoke from.
  8. It's certainly a better ride when everyone is at a similar level.
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