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Wacky Google Map Directions

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Morbo28, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    Some of you may have seen this, it's been doing the rounds for a bit.

    Go to Google Maps and select "get directions"

    Make the starting point Sydney, Australia and the end point Los Angeles, California.

    [edit: or just click on this link if you couldn't be bothered typing it in :grin: ]

    Checkout step number six :LOL:

  2. :shock:
    :LOL: :LOL:
    Did they mention Tolls??
  3. they used to have a wacky one for NY to London. Basically, swim. I see they've removed it :(
  4. Ah, but if you look at where they tell you to launch from - that is an actual wharf/jetti! :LOL:
  5. Yeah I noticed that one's gone. I'd rather Kayak than swim anyway :LOL:
  6. Yeah, 12,000km, easy!! :p
  7. Yeah and did you notice there is a perfectly good boat moored right there at the jetti that you leave from...as if you wouldn't use that instead?!?! :roll: :LOL:
  8. I'll kayak if I have to, but what is with the 2000km detour through washington
  9. So that explains this then
    Might take a while to get the bike started when you get to the other side though.
  10. :LOL: or this puppy
  11. lol i love google maps...however sometimes they dont know roads exsist...like graduate rd in latrobe (where vicroads is)...dosent exsist.
  12. I would have put in a stop over in Hawaii. You paddle past right next to it.

    You'd need a break by about then!
  13. lol I love how it takes you all the way up north to washington and then tells you to travel south down to LA, might aswell just kayak straight to LA
  14. But thats unpossible! :D
  15. wondering the same thing.
  16. if you put in any major ccity it has you driving from brisbane to sydney then hoping on the kayak :LOL:
  17. I like what happens if you click on "avoid highways". From Washington It then takes you through the Chinook Pass road and Mt Rainier National Park - and tells you "this road may be seasonally closed". It then goes to the East of Lake Tahoe into Nevada and down through the Sierras.

    I've driven over some of those roads and all I can say is that whoever programmed this was a motorcyclist. That would be a great 2000k ride (in summer :LOL: )

    Picture below shows what it's like in winter

  18. and a keen kayaker
  19. :LOL:
  20. Ive just tried the New York - London one, theyve removed it! Bloody no fun that! As already stated, it suggested a swim of 4,000miles across the atlantic