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Wacko Jacko has left the planet

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Not confirmed yet but it's looking like Micheal Jackson has died this morning.

    RIP you weird little man

  2. really? whos he again?
  3. I just saw that on the news.
    Man that was unexpected.
    What are all the money grabbers going to do now!!!

    Great singer, weird guy.
    RIP MJ
  4. Freak, die in hell i think i would rather say.

    Where there is smoke there is fire. Too many charges of child abuse, money changing hands, for me to care one bit about this freak.
  5. I can't say I'm not feeling a bit sad...

    He was an excellent showman and musician, was lucky enough to have seen him in concert.

    RIP Micheal
  6. sorry, stuffed up editing
  7. He didn't die. The mother ship just came back for him.
  8. correct. As a musician and performer he was ultra talented but as a citizen, well that reputation has been forever tarnished

    RIP if the reports are indeed true.

    It was only last night that I was listening to te Dangerous album.
  9. Could this be another one of his tricks ??
    I'm waiting for the Micheal Jackson sightings to start.
  10. Nah, reports of child abuse were never true. I don't think he really assualted kids, looking at p0rn naked etc - probably. He had a mental age of a six year old, it seemed.

    Anyway, the guys music was really quite incredible. Quite sad he's gone.
  11. he's hanging out with Tupac and Elvis
  12. RIP :( So sad for his children.

    End of an era isnt it?
  13. I'm with QuarterWit on this one, i don't beleive the child abuse claims. But then again who knows for sure.
    Regardless his reputation is in tatters and won't really change.

    Going to rip out my old jacko cd's now, been a while since i played them lol.
  14. A bit of a weirdo .. yep
    However, the guy was extremely talented and gave so much to the industry and fans worldwide.
    RIP MJ
  15. I really don not get why people say this. The guy was the ultimate producer of formulaic McDonalds music. Throw in 4 dance moves and the guy made millions, but he was certainly never talented.
  16. speculatively +1

    I always thought there was something a bit odd about the reports of abuse. Sure he was a weird fark (neverland ranch? WTF was that all about?!) but I smelled a bit of opportunism from the victims. If it can happen with footy players on $300kper year, the likely hood of it happening to someone worth more is not an unreasonable proposition.

    It could have been innocent interactions between a kid and a very weird man with a low mental age, or it could have been more sinister - a rock star who built a theme park to lure kids for his unsavoury appetites. His reputation was f$cked either way, and I guess we may never know the truth.

    Personal life aside, he certainly made his mark on 20th century music.
  17. RIP

    That was a bit out of the blue. fantastic singer but his life was messed up.

    I dont blame him for being the way he was. If you look at his life, his entire childhood was taken away from him. Most people with a troubled childhood end up struggling as well. He just happened to have an amazing gift as well.
  18. With any luck they will get a chance to lead a normal life now.

    Given that I'm not a fan of child abusers I can't say I'm overly weepy.
  19. As I said in the other thread ...
    Never a fan but yes sad.
    But give credit where credit is due regarding the music industry.

    Sad that it's pushed Farrah Fawcett off the front page.

    Now to confirm the Jeff Goldblum reports coming in of his death in NZ