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Wabble on the front wheel...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Bigchief, May 15, 2008.

  1. Have to say, I'm not entirely sure but feels to me like I have a wobble on my front wheel when I'm slowing down (especially down hill).

    Sometimes also when I am doing some slow speed riding...

    Tyres are OK.

    Bike is only 1 year old - 2006 Honda VTR250
    (it was bought brand new last year May)

    Could it be the shocks?
  2. Your front tyre may be scalloping a bit. Run your palm down the tyre just off centre on each side, looking for a slightly lumpy feeling. Some front tyres go off in this way instead of making it down to the wear marks.

    The other option is a slightly warped disc - if you can, get somebody to hold the bike up on its sidestand so the front wheel is in the air, then rotate it quickly and feel with a finger for a slight wobble in the disc. You can also check this by rolling along at a reasonable speed, and applying the brakes gently to see if you feel a slight pulsing through the lever, or an on-off-on-off type feeling under brakes.

    I'd be hoping it's a scalloped tyre.
  3. Wobble when slowing down?

    Id say its the front disc! Personally I would take the off and lay them on a flat surface... if they sit right then they are ok.

    Dont know if thats the best way to test it, more of a backyard wog job :p

    you can always get your mechanic to check them out aswell.

    let us know how you go...
  4. Cheers boro_baba & Loz

    I will let you know. I have been contemplating taking it to SCM to have it checked out. I am a completely newbie to bikes..

    Cheers for the suggestions

  5. loose or shot head stem bearings give a shakey feeling through the handlebars. But check the tyres and discs first cause they are more likely
  6. Had exactly the same issue with my bike, turned out to be the front tyre!!!
    Was a dual-compound Bridgestone that had badly scalloped around the circumference, lifted front of bike and rotated wheel, if you can see the tread going up and down (viewed from side) it's cactus!!!!

    Hope it helps
  7. out here, us bush mechanics, get a thick marker, and whilst the front wheel is spinning we gently, and in a controlled manner slide the marker towards the disc using the forkleg or calliper as a slide-guide. a warped disc will be evident by the marker only marking portions of the disc as opposed to a nice circular line.
    i only say this, because fingers can be deceiving and the markers show exactly how warped she is :)

    I took the bike to SCM today and just got a call, apparently the steering head bearings were sligthly loose. So they've tightened it up, and taken it for a test ride - all OK now.

    So I will see when I go pick it up later. Just glad it wasn't my imagination.

    Thanks for all your advice and suggestions
  9. Let that be a lesson to all those who think they can diagnose a fault without touching or seeing the bike. :LOL: :roll:

    :shock: you can't say stuff like that any more, where have you been the past 20 years? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. The question was asked. The OP was given a few possibilities.
    No absolutes and that's all.
    The right thing was done and the bike was sent away.
    So it seems that asking questions is a waste of time :?
  11. Nothing wrong with asking questions, it might give you something to think about ... but just don't expect too much.

    Natta nailed it though :)
  12. I would just like add my 2c worth...

    I took the bike out for a good test ride after the adjustment, and it goes like a dream again. No wobbling at all.

    I'm actually glad I asked the question here and appreciate the replies I got. It was the incentive for me to take the bike to SCM to have it checked out.

    Nobody gave me absolutes in their replies. Everyone suggested what it could be...So thanks again guys :wink:
  13. What?????. We can't say backyard??.
  14. OK; the wobble is fixed, is the wabble any better?