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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Frenchie, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    27yro male new fella here

    Got the L's two weeks ago - looking at making a big purchase in the next few weeks due a fairly good tax return - so likely going with a 2012 Ducati 659 ABS.

  2. Welcome Frenchie, That was a good tax return. :) Where abouts are you based?
  3. G'day, nice choice put up some pics and embelish your story.
  4. Welcome matie - enjoy your stay. :)
  5. Welcome to NR @Frenchie! Nice choice of bike. I'm jealous now.
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  6. hiho Frenchie! that's a monster of a bike you're getting ;) profiter de la balade!
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  7. Thanks for the welcome guys - absolutely will post up some pics soon.

    I hopefully pick her up next weekend, else the weekend after that.

    Just got my leathers from MCAS in Carringbah NSW - bloody ripper of a joint.. really helpful staff too. Always fun blowing a few grand on new toys :)

    Sydney - I'll have to update the profile ;)
  8. Frenchie,

    A noice first ride. The challenge is to ensure it stays right side up. Be careful with it as being a Duc it will cost big bucks if you mark it. Where are your buying it from? Frasers at Homebush?
  9. Welcome mate - a lovely bike to start out with ya lucky bugger :D

    Enjoy her - stay safe
  10. I've had some good experience with casual dirt bike riding - feeling pretty good about managing the heavier weight etc - especially after the learner course.. but meh, anything can happen - that's why insurance costs a bit of a packet :)

    Frasers Wollongong

    I know - lucky indeed !
  11. Welcome to NR.

    Nice choice of bike there. :)
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  12. Here she is:

    First ride: Wollongong to Sydney - bloody great bike! Scared myself half to death on the freeway, but I was with a mate on his fulls and we did just fine.

    Really need to work on my riding position - feel like the tendons in my left wrist are about to snap!

    Fark, exhausted.. physically drained. Certainly a good choice of bike - a dream. My mate commented he is pleasantly surprised with the quality of the parts/ the seat, internals and such.

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  13. You're gripping the bars too tight. Support yourself with your core and squeeze your thighs.
    Remember that the handlebars are a form of input only, not support.

    Imagine you're holding a small bird in your hand, keep your grip light enough so as not to crush it.

    Let your elbows sag a bit and have your forearms more parallel to the road. Remember, relax and move with the bike, don't fight it.
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  14. Nice bike, congratulations. Bike fitness comes with time, you will feel less tired after a ride as your skills improve.
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  15. Bang on. Almost an echo of what my mate told me after I really started to feel the consequence of my incorrect technique. Unfortunately, the damage was done - even when I did all those things the pain was still there.

    Lesson learned - next weekend I will make sure it doesnt happen ;)

    Cheers mate
  16. Internals ? So you've had to strip it for repairs already ? Typical Ducrappi
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  17. Frenchie, meet Blabbs
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  18. LOL

    We were checking a few things out - well, he was.
  19. Now you need 2K for Termis
  20. I missed this