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WAAAY OT: But I had to tell someone

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. Yesterday I went fishing and caught the biggest fish I've ever caught and landed. It was in a little river near Nowra, can't be any more than 30 metres across and 5 metres deep at its biggest point.


    The fish weighed 5kg; the 6" refers to the length of the pliers, to give it some scale.

    And for those of you of tender disposition, I can tell you that I photographed the fish and returned it quickly to the river; it would be very unfair to kill such a big old fish (although I'm sure it would have gone great on the barbie!!!)

    {And I promise, that's my first and last fish story! :LOL:}
  2. nice one hornet!!!

    flat heads are such good eating.

    my little brother and i used to have a competition every christmas down at our beach shack at coffins bay. he won one year with a flathead about 3 foot long caught on 8 pound line. landed it i 25 minutes he was 13 yrs of age.

    we get some rippers down there but that was the largest we ever landed.
    due to the fact we used 6' whiting rods with 8 pound line no trace's and could usually see the fish we where trying to cacth it became quite the sport for us.

    nice to hear a happy story of catch and release aswell!
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  4. Look! There playing leapfrog…..i don’t think the fish will make it over though
  5. Nice catch Paul, is that thing like 2 foot long??? Nothing beats a good days fishing!
  6. Sweet catch but you shoulda ate it!!! :)
  7. Not if its looks is anything to go by :LOL:

    Fuggly ugly lookin thing :p
  8. Nice catch,

    Were you fishing or mud wrestling?
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  11. Loz is on the right :grin:
  12. you mean left :grin:
  13. What.....loz is the guy being held up on the right or left..?

    Sorry Loz its wet and Im bored.....
  14. Where's Loz (can't see those books selling too well, give kiddies nightmares :LOL:)
  15. My God there's some funny people on the forum.

    Yeah, flatheads are mean ugly looking things, but they have a lovely white soft flesh when cooked.

    The fish was taken at extreme low tide in the river; normally that area is covered by water and we fish off a nice little sand beach.

    Love the Where's Loz pic, jd! :LOL:

    I'm in envy of the other big fishes you guys have shown, but I thought an 11 pound flathead in a small tidal river was something to brag about..

    That was on 14 pound line, incidentally, but once I'd tired him out a bit I landed him with a net; he or one other flathead just like him snapped me off right at the beach in the same spot a week ago, would you believe. This time I wasn't taking chances.....
    Besides, now it HAS happened, because I've told me mates :LOL:
  16. HAHAHA. Seems like a nice little spot Paul! What did you catch me with? Bait or lure?