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waaahh i dropped my bike :-(

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by zilly, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. I knew it as soon as I hopped on it that it was a bad decision, my bike was parked on a slight incline, as soon as I mounted it it started leaning, I should have moved it a couple of steps first, but it went splat. Good thing it hit the handlebar extensions, and the bike doesn't seem to have suffered any damage (just my ego), except a minor scratch on the end of the handlebars and another tiny scratch on the mirror.

    Was about to lift it up when a couple walked by and the man promptly lifted it up for me. So I didn't have to try out my muscles =D

    but my ego has seriously diminished :cry:
  2. Ego's repair themselves fairly quickly ..
    Lucky the damage to the bike was very minimal :grin:
  3. At least you can say you dropped your bike. My dent on the tank came from servicing it :? I dropped the tank, not the bike haha.
  4. dropped bike

    Hay, get a grip big bikers don't cry. :grin:

    I dropped my bike once on my steep driveway because while I was trying to avoid a caterpillar I gripped the front brake on full turn!

    It's ok the caterpillar was fine.
  5. But I am not big, I am only little :p heheh good to see the caterpillar was ok, thats the important thing
  6. I read you're post then I saw what bike you had. Arnt those thing suppose to be really light?? Coz I rode some 135cc bikes overseas and they're damn light.... I can lean them over 30 degrees at stand still before it starts to worry me(I'm not built either 6"1 and 64kg...)

    Other than that luckily the damage was minimal. Unlike 250cc bikes. you drop them and most of the time you'll bend a lever and crack the fairing(Unless you dont have any)....
  7. At least you didn't go for a very low speed slide into a fence in front of Cambo and Tim.

    Bike = Couple of scratches and a broken mirror
    Me = slight bruising
    Cambo + Tim = laughing their arses off
  8. Bummer about your baby's fall. Glad it wasn't anything major.

    They're really light, but that doesn't help if you don't know how to catch them. Also, 6"1 generally equals tall legs, which make a BIG difference!

    Zilly, what's helped me in the past for knowing how to catch a bike... Sit on it without the engine running, have someone beside you to catch it (just in case), while you swoosh it from side to side. See how far you can go down (on the side of your rescue person) and still pick it up. Take note of what you're using to move the bike... hands, arms, hips, knees, thigh...? Play with it and see what's most effective. Anyone can drop a bike, but that should reduce the chances of it :)
  9. Hey don't worry about it...I did it infront of the neighbours as we were coming into the driveway at the same time. Humiliating but it has never happened again (dropping the bike) and it NEVER WILL!!!!!! :evil:

    Put it down to experience :wink:
  10. That's probably why I dont find it that hard to stop my bike (and smaller bikes from dropping....

    Still I did drop my bike on my third week in riding from trying to do a U-turn :LOL:
  11. I got to my bike parked outside last week and someone had knocked it over. I was mighty pissed but the CBR125's seem to be built pretty well to not take any fairing damage at all when dropped. I had no damage but a scratched mirror.

    Also, it's not hard to pick up ;-) give it a go some time, someone else might not always be available to help :p

  12. :shock: :shock:
  13. Before I did that, I remember just about leaping off my bike coz I thought it was going down and would trap me! Later on, after playing with the bike, I realised I could have caught it :oops: . You just do it slowly to experiment.
  14. I remember the leaping off bit pretty well when I stupidly droped mine doing a u-turn. I pretty much pulled the cluth in when I had full lock(I know,,,stupid me). The bike just stoped and well you know what happens next.. When it was going down I dont remember how I shot out of the bike so far(3-4m away).
  15. Yeah I probably jumped off it when I thought it was going down, and just thought I won't be able to catch it.

    I am not too worried about getting it up without anyone around, its just the guy didn't really give me a chance to stand it up first.

    I know how to avoid that situation in future :cool:
  16. to bad about your little baby dropping, was the side stand still up when the bike fell over? you might want to get them checked if it did, they should have been able to hold you & the bike even on a slant.
  17. no that was my problem, I was shifting my weight to put the side stand up (and it fell on the exhaust side)

    It caught me by surprise, I should have really known better

    As for my ego its pretty much back =D (just took another ride on my bike :cool:
  18. Yep, when you can only reach the ground with the balls of your feet, like me on the Multistrada, you become very aware of any slope on which you are stopping, or are stopped on. I always put my foot down on the uphill side, and I am very careful when I have to put the other foot down, to change gears stopped at lights or whatever. My steep driveway taught me that. :oops:

    Your lesson has been learnt I suspect.
  19. Yeah I didn't actually realise that I only stopped on the balls of my feet until I had to shift my weight to go flat foot, didn't even occur to me

    And yep lesson has definitely been learnt
  20. good to hear your riding again, always fun learning a leson the hard way :), have you considered getting a lowering kit on the bike? i know a few girls that have air suspension kits(something along those lines) on there cbr250rr's & they tell me it's a whole new bike, i personally raised mine a little to stop my legs from crapping hard on long rides.