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[WA] Who wants to start having coffee nights?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jokerWA, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. Monday nights

  2. Tuesday nights

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  3. Wednesday nights

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  4. Thursday nights

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  5. Friday nights

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  6. Saturday nights

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  7. Sunday nights

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  8. Weekly

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  9. Fortnightly

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  10. Monthly

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  1. I've been PMing with a fair few Perth riders and talking about getting meets/coffee nights sorted out, so thought I'd finally post about it. Who is interested? There's a place near me in Vic Park that's fairly central (I'm there all the time so I want to talk to the management first before I suddenly drown them in motorcyclists :p) serves good food, does coffees, is licensed for those who want it (not that I think drinking is a great idea if you're riding). One problem there is you tend to need to book as they're very popular.

    SO the long at the short of it, who's interested? How often should we do it? What night is a good night for most people?
  2. Good form bloke,
    and thanks for the heads up with the PM.

    My vote is probably to start off with just a monthly one. As i've said to a couple of people via PM's, i'm always busy and i'm hopeless at organising things and commiting to things :oops:

    I am currently doing a post grad course at Curtin (as weel as the normal work) so for me, Monday and Wednesday nights are out for this semester, but this changes every semester so don't make any plans around me.

    I know inci was keen to get something going as well but nothing worked out last time, but there seems to have been a recent boost in members from Perth so perhaps it will all come together now?

  3. Yes, I tried a while ago but there were very few Perth members at that time. I agree that monthly is the go, at least to strart with. Vic Park is also where I suggested last time. As you rightly say, it's central and has plenty of possible venues. I'm glad someone else is pushing this now, I'm sure it will happen when there are enough Perth Netriders.

    Another idea I had was to organise 'escorts' with full licences so learners with bikes could get some practice while on 'L's, without having to pay an instructor. Anybody who has held a full licence for 4 or more years can do it.
  4. Sorry guys I stuffed up when I set up the poll... figured you could vote for both a day of the week and a monthly/fortnightly/weekly option... let's just post the evenings you're available as normal and vote on how frequently we should do it. I think Duffman has the right idea with just starting at once a month :)


    I was going to suggest Sebastians as it's my favourite local cafe but unfortunately they're no good for just coffee etc, they require a substantial meal to be purchased per person at peak times (ie: nights), which is fair enough as they pretty much book out every night so it's not like they need the extra custom.

    Incitatus, was there anywhere particular you were recommending? I'll probably go for a bit of a wander up and down the strip tonight and see what places might be more suitable than others.
  5. Well I've got a few mates that will almost certainly be interested. I reckon the "escorts" idea is a good one too, I could certainly do with more opportunities to ride. At the moment I've been relying on a friend who has been riding long enough to help out, and paying $50/hour for lessons otherwise.
  6. Coffee Nights

    Yay Coffe Nights.

    Joker is forcing me to post...
    Please don't hurt the puppy.
  7. A monthly start during mid week is usually the way to go, then more ferquently as numbers increase, eventually becoming multiple nights
  8. Re: Coffee Nights

    You bastard :p

    So I've just been for a little run down the Albany Hwy strip and reckon I've got our location. The Victoria Park Hotel on the corner of State St and Albany Hwy, it's right next-door to "Tyres For Bikes" and I reckon there's about 7 bike bays on each side of the road :grin:, also there's plenty of normal street parking and a dedicated carpark around the back. There's an open air area out front, or we can sit in the main restaurant area, or if it's too busy for us to be taking up prime real estate there's a back bar area we can get set up in. They've got no hassles with requiring us to all order meals or anything, they even advertise on their signage as being a Wine Bar & Cafe.

    All in favour? And how much notice do people need if we're going to give it a shot?

    ::EDIT:: Cheers to Mouth, any advice that you guys might have is appreciated :)
  9. Re: Coffee Nights

    Putting lots of Netrider promo cards on bikes you see everywhere is the way to go .. then you'll increase the numbers kwickty flick :)
  10. Woohoo

    Monthly would be a good start and Friday or Saturday night would be a good night for me (so long as I have no work for the weekend) as I start work at 6am.Thinking of the time I would get home only.

    looks like a meet might be possible now
  11. If everyone else prefers mid week then I will make every effort to come to it.
  12. Personally I kinda like tuesday/thursday nights as we're less likely to be competing for space (both parking and tables) and I do like to have my weekends free for all the uninhibited sex with gorgeous models that I generally get up to... but I guess it's only once a month at this stage so here's a proposition, who can make it this Friday the 4th of August? I've just asked a few of my mates and they should be able to make it so basically if I get a couple of bites here I'll post it in Events :cool:
  13. I be there, barring my boss or a major Thunderstorm hehe
  14. Re: Coffee Nights

    4 boxes of Netrider promo cards ordered? Check :grin:
  15. Thanks to Scorpious31 for showing me this forum. Nice tat mate! Hows the fam?

    I'ld love to join in for a coffee. I'm a shift worker so any day is fine cept when i'm working.

  16. yeah regular meet up would be good since I'm new to the Western State.
  17. Hey All,

    I'm one of those mates joker talked about.

    I'm up for this Friday (as long as I'm over this cold).

    Would be great to get a regular thing happening, then we can move on to group rides of some kind :grin:.

    BTW love the escort idea, I've been riding for 3&1/2 years myself, and haven't been able to take joker or stuieboy out during their learners (though stuie has his liscense now) and I think it'd be cool to have other expierence (+sane) riders that the learners could call on sometimes. I know I'm always up for a ride, and would be happy to do the same in 6 months time.
  18. coffee is on!

    I would love to go for coffee - I'll be there on Friday night. Thx to JokerTroy for getting it all together - great idea.

    And yeah, I'm for the escort idea too. I'm due for my unrestricted license in September and it's been very hard finding people to take me out riding, and I certainly don't want to pay for lessons again.
  19. Re: Coffee Nights

    Good location, know it well. I usually need 24-48 hours notice as I spend a lot of time at the airstrip in York, but sometimes I can make it at virtually no notice at all.