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[WA] What would you do?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Gonadman2, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, I live in a very remote country town that has its licencing department at the local post office. The local police station does our driver/rider testing, but unfortunately we don't have a riding school/learner/course of any description to teach the finer points of riding. I used to ride off road bikes when I was younger but now at 26 have decided to get my licence. I don't know any friends that have road licences although a lot of them have dirt bikes and have been riding for a long time also.

    Is it acceptable to ride alone on my L's?

    I am booked in to do my P's soonish - is there anything I should know about that isn't immediately obvious to the uninitiated?

  2. Re: What would you do?


    The P's test ensures you can confidently maneuvre a motorcycle in tight spaces, at low speed.
    -So make sure you can do that.

    Not dying will be up to your road-craft and experience in traffic which you probably have by now from driving a car.

    Good luck!
    Don't forget to post pics of your bike :grin:
  3. Think he's referring to the fact that you are legally supposed to be accompanied by a fully licensed rider whilst on your Ls in WA.

    IMO that system is outdated, you can learn by yourself. It might be too easy to just hit the road when learning in the country, but I'd recommend setting aside some time for learning slow speed stuff first :)
  4. Ahhhh well... he asked if it was "acceptable"...

    I suppose it's against the rules, do your best - you can always practice off-road perhaps? Carparks... off-road [depending on bike]?

    ... I look forward to the day there is a violent revolution in this country where the difference between "acceptable" and "legal" is finally shoved up the arse of our farking ignorant politicians.
  5. living in a area like that i would think either,

    a) the local copper is your old man or
    b) ya best mates old man,

    and hopefully not

    c) the old man of ya last root :LOL:

    if it's a or b buy him a beer, it's a c guess your going to get screwed again :LOL:
  6. :LOL: @ stewy
  7. Viva le Revolutione!! I'll hold the flag!