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[WA] [WA] Victoria Park Hotel "Cofee Night", Thu Nov 2nd

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Joker

    WA "coffee night" at the Victoria Park Hotel, corner of State St & Albany Hwy, just next to Tyres For Bikes. Motorcycle parking available next-door. Starting from 7pm in the back bar.

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  2. Hope to see plenty of bodies there. :)

    I will be barring my cough getting worse,the cold air sets it off. :(

    I cant help it, I just have to get out for a ride heheheh, I am going nutts

    Might have a Birthday drink with those that attend as its mine on Tuesday so I guess its a good excuse as any hey although I have to be good , w%@k tomorrow :(

    Who's coming :?:
  3. for sure

    Me and Jason will definitely be there!
  4. Cool I be there not sure what shift Dave/Morph is on wil ask tomorro when I see them
  5. I can't see myself missing it for anything, I'll see you guys there! I assume Stuieboy and his young lady will be there again, anyone else?
  6. I'm coming too - missed out last trip but not this time.

    Inci, if you read this, you are required to bring the Duke - I have my camera, and pics have been ordered by the Mlelbourne Westies people.
  7. Oooh a challenge! Would be good to see you there Inci :)
  8. i should be there too!

    only restriction i have is a mother of an assignment to finish by friday. But all going to plan i'll be there.

    bike getting serviced thursday so will need to take her for a spin :)
  9. Sounds good to me, a spin you say? :twisted:
  10. Meeting people = good.

    Going for ride = better! :grin: :grin:
  11. And I get to see Seany's shiny new bike as well :grin: (provided he's feeling ok). Sounds like a prime excuse, anyone have any objection to the idea that around say 8:30 we head off on a bit of a blatt? That gives us an hour and a half to say hi and wait for people that might be running a bit late...
  12. Like kyles said, we'll be there, and pretty much down for whatever if the evening see's us out for a group ride, then all the better :grin:

    Btw. Big gratz on the new bike Sean.
  13. Breathing or not I wanna ride me Bike so I be there. :biker:

    Gotta make sure I can get to the Freeway for 9.30 ( I dont know the roads up there and an hours ride one way ) so I will be in your hands Ladies and Gentlemens. Are you going to lead me astray heheh :eek:

    If I not on site at 6am me boss might hunt me down arrgghh :) :shock:
  14. 'fraid i gotta bail on tonights meet guys. just got too much of this bloody uni assignment to finish.

    sincere apologies, i'm sure it will be a good night.

    lets organise a ride before next months meet hey.
  15. Looking forwards to meeting everyone tonight - I assume you'll be easy to spot. But if you see a very tall and ugly bloke in a khaki photographers jacket looking lost, it will be me.

    See you all at 7pm.