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WA scooter racing/ride days!!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by rpmorrell, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. The Pocket Bike Association of WA (PBAWA) has secured the outdoor circuit at Midvale Speed-dome (next date 21.02.10 @ 9-3pm)and is looking to expand its classes to allow for 50cc two stroke (**cough* what bigbore kit **cough**) and 125cc four strokes to run. We are a fledgling non-profit club and are looking to boost numbers at ride days to bring individual costs down. At present for a non-member to ride you will need a restricted MWA licence (about $180/annual or $20/day licence) and $40.00 day fees.

    Here are the requirements:

    Rider Requirements

    • PBAWA Club Membership
    • MA Recreational Licence
    • Ambulance Cover (recommended)

    Protective Gear

    • Helmet – an approved and correctly fitting full-faced helmet which must
    a) Carry the Standards Association of AS '1698' label; or
    b) Be approved under the Road Racing FIM Technical Rules.

    • Clothing – Protective Clothing must consist of
    a) Full leathers (1 or 2 piece),
    b) Minimoto race suits,
    c) Motocross pants/jeans (including body armour and knee sliders),
    d) A leather jacket must be worn in any class (including elbow pads),
    e) A commercially manufactured back protector.

    • Footwear - Boots with ankle protection which must
    a) Be constructed of leather or other material of similar or greater
    durability, but not constructed of rubber (eg. Joggers),
    b) At least overlap the suit or trousers when the rider is in the normal riding
    c) Not have soft leather soles.

    • Gloves – Gloves of leather or other material of similar or greater duribility.


    • All bikes must be in good repair.

    Any other info needed look on their website: