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WA: Riding Out Of Class

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Fishy321, May 12, 2007.

  1. MOD EDIT: please post the STATE you are quoting the law or are asking the legal requirements for in order to avoid confusion and the wrong legal advice.

    Hey guys,

    Living in wa i've currently got a RE class licence and own a 07 gpx 250. I was just wondering if anyone knows the fine for riding a bigger bike than 250cc. I'll be riding my 250 to my old mans in the morning and riding the zx6r to work and back. I have about an hour travel to get to work with is mainly highway/freeway riding and i find it real uncomfortable riding my little 250 there. i have my R learners and done about a thousand k's on the 6 with a instructor.

    Or is there a way to get around the system and get my R's earlier?. I don't like driving cars to much :grin:

  2. The fine isn't such a big deal, teh legal liability, and lack of insurance is.
    Think about this, can you afford to replace teh bike, and pay for whatever damage you cause out of your own pocket, or are you prepared to take out a multi thousand dollar loan to cover it (the courts WILL make you do it if you damage property).If you kill or seriously injure someone, you open yourself up to much worse charges as well.
    Your life, your call, don't come here looking for approval.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Damage anyone else or their property, and you will be screwed, that's the fine.
  4. You now know the risks, I say go ahead if you want.
  5. Its not worth the risk, simply as that.
  6. Don't do it.

    The reason?

    My brother was riding out of class when he was KO'd by a woman on her mobile telephone.

    Sister was on the back of the bike.

    A month in hospital, a few wicked 10 inch scars down his leg, and massive amounts of costs to house the bike, tow etc left him with about 10,000 instead of what he could have got which was like 50,000. He was ineligible to lay half the charges because of the bike he was riding.

    The worst part is my sister. 17 at the time, and may never be able to give birth in her lifetime. Totally the fault of the woman in the car, and my sister is apparently going to get 7 figures of payout in a few months but it will never make up for the fact that she may not (probably will not) be able to bear children.

    The risk, it's just not worth it.
  7. mate...

    i do and hour+ commute each morning on a 250( about 100km each way), all highway.

    once you get used to it you'll be fine. Do it a few times when its not peak hour, weekends etc. get used to the road so that you can concentrate on rour riding and the idiots around you.

    and with a GPX, the fairing should make the wind a little nicer than a naked bike
  8. Yeah go for it mate, Is it school holidays already?? :roll:

    You should be in class, not riding. :mad: :p
  9. sorry didn't mean to offend anyone, there some good points though enough to sway me over i'll just wait a bit longer for r's.

    Oh and i work full time graduated school awhile back.
  10. Good decision. A mistake of this nature can ruin you financially for many years, I learnt that the hard way(but not riding).

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. A: What do you mean by "Rs"? Full License?
    B: Riding with an instructor?? There are motorbike riding instructors??

    I just kinda threw myself at the thing....
  12. He's from WA, learners have to ride with somebody fully licensed if I remember right.
  13. Haven't even read the rest of peoples replies and I'm sure they're saying the same thing:

    Ride without proper license = no insurance.
  14. Rs is open class motorbike licence. 250cc +

    Ye there are motorbike instructors they have a bike with a trailer carrying a bike
  15. Smart Move deciding not to ride out of class fishy.

    You never know whats up at the next intersection and f%#k all you can do if it happens.