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WA riders can brace for new 'crackdown'.....thanks mate.....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by incitatus, May 14, 2007.

  1. More gene pool shallow-end action...... :roll: :mad:

    "The other rider was snapped at 93km/h with his feet over the handlebars, holding on with one hand and gesturing obscenely with the other."

    Yeah, cool, really cool...and now a bunch of WA riders are going to pay for these fcukwit's 15 seconds of fame...


  2. Hehe, even though they are d1cks for getting the multidirectional cameras installed, I hope they get away with it.

    If I knew who they were, I'd probably give them the 'there's a time and a place' speech, but I wouldn't turn them in.

    I don't speed past front-facing cameras, because I don't want to give them a reason to:
    1) make them all rear-facing.
    2) legislate number plates on the front of bikes.
  3. On a closed road go for it, but to do it in front of cameras in a known area :roll: :roll: :roll:
  4. Idiots.

    Skilled, yet still idiots.
  5. I don't see why WA riders are in trouble. After all, it was clearly a Brit doing it. Didn't you see his shirt?

  6. Way to ruin it for everyone tossers.

    Front facing cameras a re great.
    I like being able to take advantage of it without getting carried away.

    Now if this works, they'll install them everywhere.
    Hope it was worth it morons
  7. Did you happen to note that he was unlicensed? It's usually an unlicensed idiot isn't it, but that won't stop Dear Mrs Bloggins dobbing me in next time theres an inch of daylight under the front wheel of my Ducati. So no, I wouldn't dob them in.....I'd shoot the selfish bastards :mad:
  8. this strengthens my campaign trail for the election

    i'm going to cut the bullshit with all this revenue raising.
    i'm going to leave the cameras there, but instead of charging folks hundreds of dollars for speeding, i'm going to charge them hundreds of dollars for framed print-outs.

    they can hang their latest no-hands kneeling-on-the-tank wheelie on the fridge for their mum to be proud of.
  9. Well yeah...they should get their asres kicked just for their blatancy, and for giving the nazi's another stamp of approval to crack down on anything other than trolling along in brain-dead fashion...

    I don't mind a bloke having a bit of a fang...but really...try to be a little responsible at least...

  10. Wrong yes, unsafe probably and a good way to tarnish motorcyclists in the public eye. But it is pretty funny. I'd like to see the other images. I wonder if they went out with the sole purpose of doing this?
  11. After reading the article i'd say there's no doubt.
  12. Re: WA riders can brace for new 'crackdown'.....thanks mate.

    Saw dat on da telli just the other night , now 2 dudes , and if i had never sawed it or bin told about it , how would 'everyone' think of it , so implies WHY is there a law for it , just for 2 examples , looks like more to come...

    Paranoya , you no make the LAW look like Fuknwits.... as thats hard :?
  13. Doesn't (1) more or less make the cameras rear facing, even though they're not? ie. you're slowing down for them anyway.

    Ditto (2).
  14. Technically, yeah. But as it is, we motorcyclists have a "50% chance" of avoiding a fine if we are accidentally over the limit at the time.

    It's rare that I don't stick to the speed limit, but it's comforting to know that I can concentrate on the road rather than making sure I don't exceed the speed limit by a hair.
  15. This whole furphy about motorcyclists escaping because of the frnot number plate bit is garbage anyway...

    Using Vic Police figures...

    Victorian figures from 2002 show that of 3,445,000 car registrations, 95,000 vehicles passed a speed camera but were not issued a fine due to lack of a front plate or an obscured plate.

    · For motorcycles, figures from 2001 show that of ~105,000 registrations, 3216 bikespassed a speed camera site but were not issued a fine as the photo was taken from the front.

    · This equates to 2.8% of cars and 3.1% of bikes not fined (.3% difference).

    · If 2.8% of cars escape fines, FNP’s can only reduce motorcycle speeding nondetection to 2.8% Nb. a lower rate than cars is unlikely but a higher rate is possible.

    · Catching a further 0.3% of riders equates to only 316 riders per year.


    per rider caught.
  16. I'm not sure those statistics are comparing apples to apples, if I'm reading it right.

    * 95,000 cars not fined due to missing front plate or because either of their plates were obscured by mud/dust/crap (which is illegal anyway).


    * 3216 bikes not fined, purely because they were taken from the front. (I.e., this statistic does not count bikes with obscured rear plates)
  17. It was purely front car plates obscured - bike plates would be obscured for the same reasons - mud dust crap etc.
  18. Ah, okay. Nevermind then. :)
  19. Sad thing is those farkin c*ckheads would see any attention as good.
    They're not going to give a shit about how it affects anyone else if they don't give a shit about doing it in the first place.

    Obviously c*ckhead No. 1 has been a dufus before (had already lost his license), it would be interesting to speculate on the deterrent value to these idiots if they knew that doing this sort of shit would see them not only permanently losing the bikes (anyone going to the auction?), but getting lengthy jail terms and never getting a license again.

    There's a major difference between going over the posted limit by 5-10% and pulling that sort of crap, and while I think that our current state legislation (in most states) is pretty heavy handed, there's got to be greater repercussions than just a slap on the wrist and meals on wheels/picking up rubbish on the side of the freeway.
  20. Interested to see if he gets convicted..

    You guys think he will ?