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[WA] Perth Ride; Looking for Buddies - Sat Oct 14th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by Shachar1971, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. Formerly Titled:
    Any perth based riders looking for ride buddies?

    Hi Everyone

    I asked a question on this forum and started a few discussions on which bike I should get as my first road bike Gixxer1000/R1/CBR1000RR and have Just baught the CBR. I got an amazing responce from people giving me advice on bike & helmet choices. It was wonderful to see how pationate the biking community appears to be about these topics.

    I currently only have a learners permit for the large bike and looking for riders who are looking for an enthusiastic (but relatively inexperienced)rider to go for rides with.

    I will be going to as many organised rides as possible in WA and hope to meet other riders... so hope to catch up soon.


    <moderator edit>
  2. How did you get L's for a litre bike? AFAIK learners are restricted to 250cc or less in WA
  3. +1 im curious too??
  4. I have my Full RE licence, then you can apply for the R (unrestricted) licence, and can then ride the large bikes as long as you are with another person who has an unrestricted license.
  5. Your first big bike is a CBR1000RR?? Is it a newie? Thrilled for you mate but wouldn't have thought that too many 'inexperienced riders' could keep up with you on one of those things. The're awesome! :p

    I'm still crusin' on the new Blackbird. Will be posting an open invite for crew to take a scoot in the Swan Valley for a couple hours, leaving from North Beach on the weekend of Oct 14/15th (Sat or Sun arvo depending on the weather). Stay tuned on the PSB website. Will post it there.
  6. That sucks. So tell me ive got this right. im still on my learners for RE. You have to hold your RE for a year or so, not sure what that is, then you do your next test for your R but you go back on your L's?
  7. No mate, the day you get your full RE licence you can apply for your R - L's and after you have had your RE for a full year you can take your R class test.
  8. Big Gav - i was not looking for an inexperienced rider... i am the inexperienced rider, looking for someone with a full R class licence so i can tag along for rides... as i only have my R Learners.

    As for the ride, you can sure count me in on that one!!!
  9. I get ya, sorry mate im not the sharpest tool :wink:

    but no im actually still a little confused :LOL:
  10. Grimjaur... when you pass your RE licence... go directly to the licencing desk and pay $27 to get your R calss Learners ;-)
  11. AHAH!!! i got it!! now i can sleep well :LOL:
  12. so all you have to do then is, once you get your RE..... :LOL:
  13. I'm hearing you mate, and I did get it.

    I'm no Mick Doohan and I've got an open R, but I might lag behind you on the corners on your 06 CBR1000RR! Was thinking a criuse along the water, then Hepburn Ave for a straight run up to Alexander and into the Swan Valley/Brigadoon once we've warmed up. Long enough for some fun but not long enough for sore arms :wink:

    We'll call it a casual ride...
  14. Hey Gav, now that sounds like my sorta ride... my limited experience has never left me with sore arms...only a sore jaw from being unable to remove the smile off my face - damn i cannot belive i waited so long before getting into bikes.

    Do you often go on such rides?

    Would love to tag along mate.
  15. Are you still there? About that ride...

    This topic has probably slipped away to inactive but I plan to be in the beachfront car park, North Beach, adjacent to the Real Estate office (?Nexus from memory) which used to be Chicken Treat at 2:30pm this Saturday 14th October. Plan to ride for maybe 1-2 hrs if anyone is still keen. Weather looks good.

    pm me if you are interested.
  16. Re: Any perth based riders looking for ride buddies?

    heya guys, i hope you don't mind,
    but since this ride now has a defined date,
    i will move it into the
    Other States Ride and Event Announcements
    forum for you.
  17. Re: Any perth based riders looking for ride buddies?

    Now thats what i call good moderating!
  18. Just FYI, I was on my Pat Malone Saturday. Short notice perhaps but I'm fast learning that Netrider, whilst being a quality forum, is mainly followed by eastern states riders.

    I'd advise WA riders looking for buddies to also check PSB. No offence to Netrider - I'm a member here too.
  19. Fair call perhaps, but personally i'm not so keen on PSB. THey are a bit "boy racer" for me. But i've got nothing against them personally, i'm sure they're all great people.

    I keep an eye on PSB, thats how i found the MAD Ride info and i posted it here.
  20. Also a fair call Duffman. Just suggesting that it appears you can rowse a crew to ride with on short notice there. I'm not so boy racer myself but things might change after my first track day in November.

    The CBR1100 is too much of a sports tourer for a boy racer anyway.

    Maybe I'll see you on the Northam ride weekend after next. Plan to meet at the rally point in Midland at 8:30am Sunday 28/10. Cheers mate.
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