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[WA] Parking in Perth CBD - Update and Petition Response

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pshields, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Some of you may have seen an article in the West today on scooter parking (page 18). We have now got a response from the City of Perth on our petition, letters, phone calls and meetings. There is some good news. The short story is

    • 1. They will increase short term parking spaces by 28 bays and keep it above the 5% level.
      2. They will increase long term bays when demand requires it.
      3. They will recommend to the DPI that license fees be reduced to 1/4 of cars and will follow suit with what the DPI do.
      4. Will recommend any new building car parks have at least 5% motorcycle bays.
    Great news, however they were silent on footpath parking.

    This is a significant step forward and I thank everybody who signed the petition or wrote a letter. We are at least being heard.

    For anybody who wants to read the full recommendations I have extracted the appropriate bits and put the report here.

    In anyone wants to help further then a letter to the Department of Infrastructure and Planning to get them to agree to a reduction in licensing fees. The petition recommended 20% and we should still try for that even though the council have asked for a 25% level.

    Once again thanks for all the help and the good news is that we are seeing some change.


  2. Sounds great, good work!

    Can you post an example of the kind of letter that should be sent? One that us simple n00bs can just put our names on and send :grin:
  3. Sure thing. Here is a letter I sent to the DPI some time ago. The first major(in bold) point is the license fee reduction issue. Feel free to cut and paste, edit and use what you need. You can safely delete the first couple of paragraphs which refer to previous correspondence.



    Martin Richardson
    Executive Director Urban Policy
    Department for Planning and Infrastructure
    Albert Facey House
    469 Wellington Street
    Perth. Western Australia. 6000

    CC: Greg Martin, Director General Department for Planning and Infrastructure
    Dorte Ekeland, Deputy Director General Department for Planning and Infrastructure

    Dear Martin,

    Motorcycle Parking

    Thank-you for your letter of the 13th June where you indicated that you had requested your officers to undertake some preliminary investigations into current parking provisions for motorcyclists. This is appreciated. It was also useful receiving your confirmation that the Government is acutely aware of vehicle congestion and emission problems.

    As part of your investigations into this subject please find attached a letter and analysis I have sent to the City of Perth which looks deeper at some of these issues. It finds that by encouraging people to switch to two-wheeled vehicles, increasing the available bays and reducing parking cost per bay you have several positive effects:
    • Reduced congestion
    • Reduced road and infrastructure maintenance costs
    • Reduced emissions
    • Increased revenue
    • and paradoxically increased availability of car bays.
    Although this area is mainly of City of Perth concern I thought you should be aware of these impacts.

    I also have some suggestions that are more associated with your jurisdiction.

    Licensing Fees for Motorcycle bays

    Parking space in the city is a valuable commodity and stewardship of this scarce resource in both an economic and social sense is important. In your letter to me you indicated that the licensing fees for motorcycle bays was less than half that for cars. This is encouraging.

    The economic value of space in the city is largely determined by the amount used. As you are no doubt aware the average space required for two wheeled vehicles lies between 10%-20% of the equivalent average for cars . If we take the extreme (most car beneficial) end of this range then the licensing fee for two-wheeled vehicles should be 20% of the car rate. Anything above this would have motorcycle bays effectively subsidising car bays. This would be economically irresponsible and social damaging from a greenhouse gas emission perspective. If you wished to encourage the use of more emissions and congestion friendly two-wheeled vehicles then you could reduce the rate even further.

    Licensing for Space Not Occupiable by Cars

    There are many spaces in parking facilities that can not be used for parking cars but could effectively be used for smaller two wheeled vehicles. Examples include corners and other angled locations, near bollards or in small gaps. This valuable space may be wasted unless some encouragement is provided to utilise it.

    My suggestion is to charge no licensing fee for the use of this space for parking two-wheeled vehicles. The preferred option is that this is allowed at the building owner’s discretion. If you feel that you should have an indication of numbers then perhaps a simple count of these spaces when licensing other bays would be all that is needed.

    Allocation of Spaces in Buildings for Motorcycle Parking

    There should be a requirement for building owners to include a certain percentage of parking bays for motorcycles. This would bring it in alignment with the requirement for a certain number of car bays in buildings. There may be such a regulation in place however in some of the buildings I have seen I have found no dedicated bays.

    I hope that these suggestions are useful. They will go some way to encourage motorcycle and scooter use and thereby bring the lower congestion and pollution benefits from this form of transport.

    Yours sincerely

    Paul Shields