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[WA] Northam Motorcycle Festival - What did you think?

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by Big Gav, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Posted this as a reply to another topic but thought people might like to comment on the weekend. I'll get the ball rolling...

    We had a great day. The ride to and from was as good as the festival itself but overall it was well done. Didn't go last year so can't compare.

    I was at the meeting point on Sunday at 8:35am and left at 9am on the BB and with a GSXR750 and SV650 (oh, and my wife). Don't remember seeing incitatus or Steve (Sharchar) there but a larger group of guys on various bikes left just after 8:30 and four from the Hyabusa club were there for a while too. Did anyone else turn up at the Caltex Sunday?

    Happy to say that there was a minimal police presence on the GE Hwy route and the one speed trap at the bottom of a big hill was pulling over cars anyway. :LOL: So no licence checks or hassles.

    The events were fairly constant and pretty well done. The freestyle motocross aerial display was spectacular. The street circuit racing was fun, especially the vintage bikes and the Matt Mingay stunt team were very impressive.

    I'd go again and would just like to see more support/display stands from bike related businesses. Bikes and attire for sale were a bit thin on the ground, so there wasn't much to look at when there wasn't entertainment happening. Browsing the bikes parked outside was as much of a highlight.

    And geez, wouldn't a jacket and/or helmet check in for a few bucks make a fortune on the day?
  2. Thats because we went down on Saturday.....
  3. Hi
    I went on saturday morning with hubby and child (went back roads through Toodyay as we live up that way). I thought it was pretty good value and a good excuse for a trip out. We left quite early (about 12.30pm) because my child hates flies and heat, but even then, I thought I got my $10 worth. The aerial displays were awesome.

    Would second the idea of having a luggage drop off system of some kind to be able to leave jackets and helmets - would have been very welcome. And as the festival grows, I would hope there would be more stands selling gear/clothing etc. I forgot to take a cap/hat for my boy and we were amazed that there was nobody selling any! Usually there would be heaps of stuff like this for sale.

    Hubby joined in the road parade - but it was very short!!!! And not many people joined in with it - not sure why - although the muster point seemed a bit small to get many more bikes in ready for the parade. More organised parking for bikes would be great, you just had to try and find a spot where you could.