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[WA] Northam Motorcycle Festival, Sat Oct 28th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Going, but not meeting in Midland

  2. Can't make it this time

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  3. Meeting in Midland at 08:30

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  1. Added to Calendar by: Incitatus

    Oct 28th and 29th

    Meet 08:30 Caltex servo Midland, (Bottom of Geenmount Hill, eastbound side).

    Northam will again throw down the welcome mat for motorcyclists this year with the 2006 Northam Motorcycle Festival expected to again attract thousands...

    ... more

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  2. Sounds great.

    Just got my new bike Fireblade so am looking for as many bike enthusiasts to meet up with, especially at the moment as i still have my learners for the big bikes.

    Have a few mates who may be into it, just need to get them to tag along with me.... otherwise sounds great.
  3. Hay i might be able to make this event afterall. How bikes are going from the forum? Any recomrndations for accomodation????

    Regards, Morph.
  4. i was thinking of driving back the same day...not staying over - anyone planning on the same?
  5. just a bump. Perth people remember that this is on :) Details are looking good for the meeting point.

    So who's bringing the maps :)

    Look forward to meeting you all there :p
  6. Maps schmapps, the only way you could miss Northam from Midland would be to fall asleep and ride on through it.....it's a straight road all the way.
  7. If I can make it I will be makeing it a day trip so will be rideing back same evening.

    I will let you know as it gets closer.

    And Yeah I have no idea where it is either .Might get a copy of directions from Where is .com.

    Waikiki to Midland how long ?
  8. If I can make it I will be makeing it a day trip so will be rideing back same evening.

    I will let you know as it gets closer.

    And Yeah I have no idea where it is either .Might get a copy of directions from Where is .com.

    Waikiki to Midland how long ?

    If this multiples I am sorry this is the fourth time i have tried this post
  9. You people are hopeless. How can you not know where Northam is? :p

    here is a map.
    for a slightly more interesting ride, go up the Toodyay rd but otherwise just gun it up great eastern hwy.


    Not sure if i will make it, depends on work. But if i do then it will have to be a day trip.
  10. my post from yesterday is gone :(

    anyway rehash of that:

    there is ALWAYS someone that gets lost. (usually women :p )

    Is there anyone living near ellenbrook that is able to shadow my bro-in-law???? Someone please say yes.
  11. Yep, I'll be at the Caltex servo Midland on Sunday morning and am trying to get a few other Blackbirds to join in too.

    See you there :p
  12. Aint this typical.. I work it so I can go(not working) and I get sick

    I was looking forward to taking my new bike for a decent ride too
  13. (WA) Ride to Northam M/C festival this Saturday

    I know there is already a thread on this, but I couldn't figure out how to add a poll to an existing thread.

    I will be at the Midland Caltex/Woolworths servo at 08:30 wearing a bright blue/White BMW jacket, on a silver BMW R1150R. My plan is to leave there at 09:00 and ride to the lakes roadhouse (about 20min) for some brekky. From there it is about 30mins to Northam. If the lakes roadhouse is chokkers with bikes, I might skip the stop and have brekky somewhere in Northam. I'm interested to see how many might be coming, so I put up this poll. Northam are expecting literally thousands of bikes over the two days of the festival.
  14. Edit:

    Count me out, I am going dirtbiking on the Saturday and will probably cruise up on the Sunday
  15. Sitting at home bored sheetless,checking forums every few hours to break monotony, coughing up a lung or three, so I wont be there unfortunately.
    :( :( :cry: :-({|= :cry: :nopity:
  16. I think there's still a few of us going Sunday, which isn't allowed for in your poll as your header suggests you are only referring to Saturday.
  17. Just tought you would like to know I am going Sunday as well.
  18. hi guys,
    how was it up there?
  19. We had a great day. The ride to and from was as good as the festival itself but overall it was well done. Didn't go last year so can't compare.

    I was at the meeting point on Sunday at 8:35am and left at 9am on the BB and with a GSXR750 and SV650 (oh, and my wife). Don't remember seeing incitatus or Steve (Sharchar) there but a larger group of guys on various bikes left just after 8:30 and four from the Hyabusa club were there for a while too. Did anyone else turn up at the Caltex Sunday?

    Happy to say that there was a minimal police presence on the GE Hwy route and the one speed trap at the bottom of a big hill was pulling over cars anyway :LOL: So no licence checks or hassles.

    The events were fairly constant and pretty well done. The freestyle motocross aerial display was spectacular. The street circuit racing was fun, especially the vintage bikes and the Matt Mingay stunt team were very impressive.

    I'd go again and would just like to see more support/display stands from bike related businesses. Bikes and attire for sale were a bit thin on the ground, so there wasn't much to look at when there wasn't entertainment happening. Browsing the bikes parked outside was as much of a highlight.

    And geez, wouldn't a jacket and/or helmet check in for a few bucks make a fortune on the day?