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[WA] Northam Motorcycle Festival 28/29 October

Discussion in 'Other States' started by incitatus, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. Are any WA Netriders interested in organising something for this years Northam Motorcycle Festival? Last year 2500 bikes turned up, and this year is expected to be bigger. There is racing, stunt riding, exhibits, bands, parades, etc...WA's version of Sturgis, but not so Harley-centric. I've already booked my accomodation, and Mrs Incitatus is driving down with a few non-riding rellies and sprogs. I'm riding down of course....anybody for a group ride?


  2. No takers?
  3. I reckon I'd love to, unfortunately work and recovery gets in the way :(
  4. Unfortunately i am over east for work from the 24th to the 29th. But i would love to make it so if i can re-jig my meetings i might be able to get back early enough to make it up there.

    Leave it with me and i'll se what i can do.
  5. At this point in time I will have to say no sorry but if things change I'll be there.
  6. My other half is on holiday o/s as that point in time

    so while she is away the boys will play. Hopefully my brother in law will have his licence by then (and a bike).

    I am up for a ride though :)
  7. I live in Toodyay so with my new found interest/love of all things biking, it's compulsory for me to attend!

    I don't have any Ls etc so I will be driving but I'd like to meet up and say hello.
  8. She's in the garage as we speak my friend...


  9. SWEEET :grin: :grin: :grin:
    Now hurry up and do your license damnit :p
  10. I have submitted a calendar entry for this one (awaiting approval), suggesting an 8:30 am meet at the Caltex Servo Midland, (bottom of Greenmount Hill). A quick brekky at the Lakes roadhouse should see us in Northam by 10am. More info here, http://tinyurl.com/g3l5e
  11. Well i have one more lesson next monday, then i was going for the test on the 26th...

    ... why couldnt YOU have got your licence 4 years ago dammit!!! ;)

    the countdown begins- -less than 3 weeks...

    mack1 didnt have my size jacket in stock either, so ill have to wait a few more weeks for that - doh!!

    At least i got everything else- guess ill just use my leather jackets for now... or borrow dvst8s eh???

  12. sounds good incitatus

    Viv, I will nut out the details with you on this ride over the weekend :)
  13. Would love to have had it 4 years ago then I might have been riding a triumph speed triple today rather than complaining about the lack of power on my 250 :(
  14. I should be in Perth during this time, so I will see if I can join in for this one. Might be in a car, but should still be a good day out.
  15. sweet, i can totally blame you for not having my licence then.. cool.


    I spose with 4 years of riding experience you wouldnt have flicked chain lube all over your girlfriends back and dribbled it all over my driveway either eh?
  16. Got a bit happy with the lube :) but changed brands and don't have that problem any more.

    Link to full story on that

    *edit* - formatting
  17. hi
    have just noticed this! I will certainly have a word with the other half about going, but we would probably take the back roads from Lower Chittering through Toodyay to get there. But might see some of you there? Or I will see if he would want to go via Midland.
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