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WA motorcycle cop hit from behind.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by cjvfr, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. When Police ride unmarked bikes they are as invisible to the cagers as the rest of us.

    Brisbane Times
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  2. But how is this possible?!?!?! He has a high vis vest on!! :whistle::hungry:
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  3. Looks like he thought about picking up the bike then thought, nope I'll get the idiot driver to do it for me.
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    I just wish I could lip read better...a few choice words including some for female genitals came out I think...;) So wouldn't want to be the 4wd driver! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  5. I can understand how the policeman felt: I've had this happen and it's not pleasant...
  6. That's the first thing I thought.

    I saw a scooter with his high beam on and hi-vis vest have a near miss on the Anzac bridge yesterday. I thought that was the safest way to ride
  7. Should I cancel my ebay order for a hi viz then?
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  8. It's not about his visibility. I did exactly this in the car a few years back; the cars in front moved, I expected the car in front of me to move, he did, then stopped and I kept going!!!
  9. Only way that driver will get anything close to a proper punishment would be if they and 2 others in the car are wearing OMC cloths :p
  10. tailgatersolution. Here is a possible solution to tailgaters?

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  11. Question is - if he was riding a marked cop bike - would the same have happened? And if so, would it be the safest for ALL of us to ride on police bikes?????
  12. Or is it the magic police jacket and helmet?
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  13. Boy, wasn't he pissed! And fair enough too.

    I would love to be able to see the drivers face during that clip. Sinking feeling, anyone?
  14. The article on the WA cop was titled Is this the unluckiest driver ever? in some papers. Unlucky because it was a cop! So plowing into a civilian motorcyclist would have been the driver's lucky day?

    Short story from my youth:
    When I was 17 I saw a car shoot out from a side lane onto the main street right in front of a motorcycle cop. The policeman went over the bonnet and landed on the other side unscathed. Driver's expression was priceless, he hung on tight to the steering wheel sweaty and bug eyed shouting repeatedly "Sorry!", "I didn't see you", "I didn't know your were a cop"... not necessarily in that order.

    The cop picked up his trusty Norton and then dragged the driver out, despite him clinging on to the wheel and shouting "Sorry" etc. He was quite hoarse by now.

    Mr policeman did not say anything, slammed him against the car and frisked him roughly. As motorcycle cops back then didn't have a radio, he handcuffed the driver to the pillar between the front and back car windows and walked off to look for a phone.

    The driver was very distressed by now and his voice was down to a loud, sad, hoarse apologetic bray in the minutes between collecting a traffic cop and getting handcuffed to his car.
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  16. That'd make for an interesting notes write up in ED for the cager...if they lasted long enough to get there... :whistle:
  17. If that happened in the US the cop would have turned around, shot the guy 5 times, then said "I feared for my life!!" :sneaky:
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  18. And that would mean one less fcukwit on the road.
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  19. Five times ? that's not being afraid that's SOP over there