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WA: Mini-review Dtec Advanced Ride Day

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by DeeCubed, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Long story short: if you’re in Perth and looking for a bit of additional training, then give DTEC a look.

    Last weekend I went on an Advanced Ride Day with DTEC in Perth. The day started at 08H30 with a quick lecture covering various elements of roadcraft, and in particular positioning. It was a useful refresher and clearly new to some of the younger guys.

    Then it was off onto the track for a couple of guided laps. Some cone chicanes had been put in place to keep the speed down on the long straights and these were put to good use in swerving practice. There was a good emphasis on slow control, e.g. slow bike race, slalom, etc. I say “good†‘cos if you can’t handle a bike slow how can you handle it quick eh? Have a go at taking 25 seconds to cover 10 metres.

    Plenty laps were had by all and Deecubed sharpened up the pegs nicely on the ol’ Bandit. I was trying to work on TOTW II’s “cracked throttle rule†but I have to confess I lost my bottle on one of the tight turns and the only thing that saved me was “head and eyes†looking beyond the turn.

    There was a bit of emergency braking practice at around 50kmh but of course e-brake freak Deecubed did his at 100kmh (after warning the instructors that he was “comin’ in hot this timeâ€)…it was a good stop too! I met some guys I hadn’t seen for ages, weather was good; we finished at around 14H00 and a cracking day was had by all. There was a tune-up session later on but I hadn’t booked that one in…next time eh.
  2. Nice to hear about some goings on in WA Dee!

    Good review too, might have to check this out when I get to Perth.

    Got any pics from the day?
  3. Shi1t sh1t sh1t! 3 digital cameras in the house and none of 'em working!
  4. What track was it at? Barbagellos?