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WA!!!!!!!!!!! means wait a while!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by haggisladdie, May 27, 2007.

  1. And its been a while... think I moved here in july last year, and Im only checking in here now, well,, its raining a lot here so no chance of getting out this wknd. I dont know if anybody remembers me from a couple of visits to friday coffee but hey anyway

  2. Jesus dude, I thought you'd fallen off the face of the earth! :shock: :LOL:

    Welcome back to the idiot house. :)
  3. yeah I just woke up!!! HA HA HA !!

    hey man,, yeah Im still alive, just drive a car for work 60hrs a week, so bike riding takes major back seat now.. I been out on my bike 10 times since I moved last July!
    pretty sad huh
  4. That's very sad. :( You should take the bike to work. :)
  5. bike to work would b good!

    yeah but the trouble with that is they are cars for sale on my holden yard. I a car salesman. so I need to take them to work to sell them ha ha!
  6. I guess that's fair. Have you still got the SV? It's a shame to not put that sexy bike through its paces. You might need to form a habit of after work hooning. It's great for stress relief. :)
  7. Bloody hell - talk about a blast from the past... hope you're doing ok...
  8. ach aye the noo mun,I remembuh ye
  9. damm dude ur just like me dropped off the face of the earth lol
    how ya been buddy