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[WA] M.A.D. - Making a Difference Ride, Sun Oct 8th

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: duffman

    The annual M.A.D (Making a Difference) ride raises money for spinal injury victims in Western Australia.

    Date: 8 October 2006

    Location: Shenton Park Rehabilitation Hospital, Selby Street, Shenton Park, Perth, WA.

    Time: Meeting from 0900 for ...

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  2. He guys,

    As the entry in the events calandar says the MAD ride is a ride to raise money for people with spinal injuries.

    The ride was originally organised by some guys from another Perth bikers forum, however now the event is open to the whole community. Last year i am told there were over 1,000 people on some 800 odd bikes and over $12,000 was raised on the day. This year there are many corportate sponsors who put up funds and products to raise cash.

    To be honest, at this stage i dont know what route the ride will take but i'm sure that will come out as the event draws closer.

    Check out http://www.makingadifferenceride.org/

    I am thinking we could have a Netriders group ride over to the meet place.
  3. lets hit that sh1t. :biker:

    Any ideas on where to meet? I am in on this one. :grin: PM me closer to the date other wise I will forget, my memory is tapped :LOL:
  4. Ditto......
  5. Just an update on the route for this ride.

    Aparently after meeting at Shenton Park Hospice the ride makes its way to Scarborough beach front where there is a full-on carnival setup.

    I will make a mental note to raise this event at the next coffee meet so we can decide on our own meet point.

  6. Sounds great, I should be licensed then and all :grin:
  7. So how does this raise money? Are we supposed to get sponsorship or something?
  8. Getting my new bike on friday so will be looking to join in on as many rides as possible
  9. Yeah, at the risk of mentioning another net forum (but its for a good cause), the Perth Street Bikes website also has more info at www.perthstreetbikes.com
    I think all are welcome and its a $10 registration fee to ride. You pay when you arrive at Shenton Park, thats one of the fundraising initiatives.

    PS - Good effort by the Dockers last Friday Duffman and a gallant end to the season, now get on those Eagles! :beer:
  10. I should be able to make this one. Be good to meet up as a group from netriders and do the ride. Will keep myself posted.
  11. Really looking forward to this one myself, we'll discuss meeting up beforehand at the coffee night and then post it here?
  12. Faaaaaaaaaaark :cry: Just realised it's the Sunday not the Saturday... I can't make it :cry: I'm going to the site and making a donation there though. Bugger I was really looking forward to that.
  13. Guys, really sorry i missed you this morning.

    I got up about 7.30 to find all our cars had been broken into. So i was tied up waiting around for the cops to turn up and investigate.

    Good news is no real damage was done and they only got a wallet and a couple handfulls of parking change and a surfboard. Bastards.

    Sorry again for missing the ride.

  14. Damn man, that's no good! :( Really sorry to hear it. Like I said before I couldn't make it either but the others said it was a great experience, thanks for posting it here.
  15. MAD was fun

    Hey peoples
    Sorry to Duff and Joker who missed the ride, and I am really sorry about your break-in Duff, that really sucks. Me and jack and stewie went together and it was awesome! I have never seen so many bikes in one place, that in itself was sooo cool. the route went from Shenton park down to Freo, then back across the river north up the coast to Scarborough. Weather was perfect. Some good pics on perth street bikes website, on open part of forum. Definitely would like to go on more massive group rides, where all you see ahead and behind is a stream of bikes! And the money raised ($10 per head to participate) was unreal, when hundreds of bikes are present. And I have never had a police escort before!