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WA licence question

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Anton, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. Hey guys!

    I live in darwin currently and here I hold my motorcycle L's which allows me to ride alone on the roads. I drive my scooter around as I love it so much and don't want to sell it to buy a bike.

    I am moving to perth next month and I am worried there will be different laws. Will I be able to ride my scooter alone if I hold my motorcycle L's? (Which allows me to ride up to 250cc bikes in the NT).

    I only hold my car L's (long story involving laws changing and stopping me taking my test.)

    Can anyone tell me what laws will stop me riding alone?
  2. Dont beat about the bush.
    You took the time to post here so take the time to look HERE Somewhere on that site you will find the answers without getting 20 guesses as replies :?
  3. THAT was the first place I looked. That is where I found most of my information. It does not clarify what I need to know. :)

    I could not find SPECIFICLY whether having a motorcycle L will let me ride on a scooter alone. I know that you can either take a test for a provisional moped licence or a test for your motorcycle. I know that once you pass the motorcycle test you need to have something like 26 hours of supervised driving and that someone that passed the moped test does not.

    Does the motorcycle one count as a provisional moped licence?

    from what I have seen, I will have to take a test to prove I can ride a motorbike to get my provisional one. It seems to complicated. I don't really want to change my licence from my NT one as my move is not permanent but merely a move because I shall be studying in perth.

    to be honest... I've been reading this forum for about 5 hours a day for the last week. :) I could not come to my own conclusion from the threads I have looked through here in the scooter section. That is why I am asking.
  4. They have had telephones in WA since 1885 and I'm pretty sure they still work......... :shock:
  5. telephones were my last resort.
    I guess I'll try that then.

    Thanks for the replies. ( even though they were quite condescending. )
  6. Anton,

    In Perth you cannot ride a motorcycle (less than 250 cc) by yourself if you are only on your L plates. You must be accompanied by an instructor or experienced rider.

    As far as I know (i.e. this is opinion, not fact) a scooter that is 50 - 250 cc is treated in the same way. I can't see any reason why it wouldn't be. A scooter < 50 cc you can ride by yourself on an ordinary car licence, but seeing as you don't have this either I think you're stuck.

    There's nothing to stop you getting your Ps - get a WA learners permit, get some lessons, take the Ps test, pass it. Easy. Then you can ride by yourself, albeit with restrictions in place.

    But - double check this. I'm just some guy on the internet :) . If you don't want to ring the government to find out, then ring a riding instructor. They know all the rules too, and are more likely to help you out as they think they might be able to sell you some lessons.
  7. Thanks whipster!

    That was the conclusion I was coming to aswell... Thanks for confirming my thoughts.

    The only problem with transfering my licence is the NT loses 1 resident! I'll no longer be counted as a NT resident. :p less people on our population count = less chance of getting another seat in parliament! Oh no!

    Thanks again.
  8. Just did a very very very careful read through the website that you linked 2wheelsagain. I found what I need to know if I were to change my licence (which I might have to ). Still hunting to see whether a motorcycle L from the NT will count as something different in WA. :)
  9. Hey Anton.

    you are correct in your assumption that your Darwin L's wont mean a thing over here. You will have to start from scratch. But thats no big deal because its not like you already have a license, so your not really losing anything.

    This is what you need to do;

    1. When you arrive in Perth, you go into a DPI (Department for Planning and Infrastructure) Licensing office and line up and tell them you want a Motorcycle Learners Permit. (if they ask, you say you want an R-class learners permit). You will then go off into another room and complete a computer based theory test which tests basic road rules and some basic motorcycle knowledge. You will also be given an eye test I believe.

    You will also do a basic motorcycle theory test. Similar format as the theory test above, i believe. Very basic stuff and if you struggle with this then you should reconsider your mode of transport :)

    To prepare for the learners theory test, you should download and study the very basic but helpful "Drive Safe Book" which shows you basic road rules and a few very minor motorcycle points, but basically it is a book made for car drivers. Available HERE

    2. Now you need to learn to ride a bike. As you know, with your L's in WA you must ride with either an instructor OR someone who has held their bike license for 4yrs or more. I strongly suggest you get at least a few professional lessons. The instructor will know when your ready to go for a test.

    Note - if the bike license is to be your first license, I understand there are some requirements such as keeping log books and a tally of the number of hours of lessons you do. That info will be explained to you either by the DPI staff or detailed in the information they give you.

    3. When ready, you do the practical riding test. If you pass you get your P's. Easy.

    Note - when you go into the DPI to get your L's, you will need to take some ID. I think it needs to be a couple of ID's, which include a photo and also something with your Perth address. Usually people take a Passport and Medicare card or similar and electricity bill or something to confirm address.
  10. Thanks duffman! :)

    Won't I be able to do a licence transfer from the NT? like.. go in and change licence from NT to WA. This should at least stop me having to pass a theory test right? To get my L's here I had to do several practical assesments on bikes (not mine, I own a scooter! :D) aswell as the theory tests.

    do you think it would be easier for me to go in and book a moped licence test for the time being? That way at least I'll get to ride my scooter. T Maybe after I've settled in I could then go in and learn motorcycles again.

    Geez, the trouble I go through just so I can take my beloved red devil to perth with me! :)
  11. Not worth the hassle. To get your WA learners' permit you need to pass a 10 or 15 question theory test and an eye test, that's it. You shouldn't even need to study up for it - I got mine on a whim. Was walking past, thought 'hmmm I should get my bike licence', walked in, did the test, got 100% and my permit. Not trying to blow my own trumpet - just trying to make the point that the test is dead easy and if you can't pass it, you don't belong on the road anyway.
  12. I agree with Whipster.

    Because we cant ride on our own on L's, the L's test doesnt have any practical component. Its just teh dead easy theory test.

    I spoke to a bloke who works at one of the licensing centres, and it is his understanding that your learners is not considered a license and so you dont actually have anything to transfer over.

    Regarding the moped license - No, I dont think this is a good idea. The reason is that you still have to book a practical test and these are often very hard to get. In some cases people have had to wait 4 months before a test spot becomes available. That kind of wait is unusual but you certainly cant walk in and book the test for the next week.

    so you may as well just go in and book for the proper license.
  13. Okay :)

    I was just looking at the website again and it says that L permits transfered from other states are exempt from the theory test. A transfer would take just as long to do as the test would, so both options are open .

    I think I should consider whether it is worth even taking my scooter down with me. By law in the NT I am able to go to my motorcycle P's in a month and a halfs time. The only problem is I am moving in a month .

    I am a fit young lad. I'll ride myself around perth on a push bike til I get a chance to return to darwin and take my test there.

    To be honest, the difference in licence laws is quite crazy... I had to go through a lot more effort to even get my motorcycle L's and now they are being made redundant in WA because of different laws.

    Do you think it would be wiser for me to change to WA licence and book a test? Or keep my NT one and fly back here for the assesment at a later date?

    Also: Motorbike lessons and tests... do I have to have my own bike? ( I do not own a motorbike and it would be impossible for me to get one as I am a poor student. )

    I found this site "http://www.stayuprightwa.com.au/index.html" by the looks of it, it does supply bikes. But I thought I'd ask anyway:)

    Thanks for all the replys, this is really helping me out.

    (I posted in the scooter section because my question mainly concerned my scooter.) [/url]
  14. any motorcycle instructor can supply bikes for lessons.

    if you can get your NT bike license in just over 1 month, then yeah i'd probably keep your license registered in the NT and just book the test in for whenever your back in NT for a while. Then transfer that license to WA.
  15. okay, I think I'll do that!

    The only thing I can think of that will stop me doing that is my studying.

    I will be studying at SAE (School of Audio Engineering) full time.

    In SAE they don't have term or semester break.. So I will have to be in perth for the whole year without leaving. Unless I go back for a weekend but that would be very expensive just for a licence. :)

    Gotta do some long hard thinking...

    On a brighter note: reading this forum has increased my awareness of safety whilst on the road and I bought myself a motorbike jacket. Now I wear gloves, jacket and helmet + Trousers.. not always jeans. but at least I'm mostly covered :)