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[WA] Learners practical test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by malenko, May 9, 2008.

  1. I have searched the forum but there doesn't seem to be much information relating heavily to Western Australia (surprise surprise)

    But I was just wondering if any one has recently passed the practical test in WA

    Where did you do it?
    Who did you go through for lessons?
    How many times did you try?
    And if you failed what where the problems you had?

    This is more to just get some WA info on the boards, also I am just curious cos I am up for my practical in 10 weeks, lol I know it is AGES away and I could only book into Joondalup :( Would have much preferred Morley as I am just down the road.

    But lets get some WA info on these boards :p
  2. Hi
    Yes - I think there may be a predominence of eastern staters on here - but that's OK, you can't hold that against them!

    I did my test in WA about 1.5 yrs ago (I know it is not that recent, but still.......). Can't help you specifically to Joondalup - I did my test in Willagee - and I had absolutely never even driven a car round there, let alone ridden a bike there - I was doing lessons in Midland, but Willagee was the only place I could get a test.

    My first piece of advice would be don't worry too much if you are not familiar with an area - I know it does help heaps if you do know it well, but after you pass you test you are going to want to go to new places and not stick to the same old roads - so get used to it! I made a couple of boo-boos on the test because I didn't know the area, but I still passed. My first blooper was that within a long list of directions I was given, I was told to turn right and then the next left. Now, the right turn was onto a dual carriageway, so I turned into the right hand lane, which was clear. I then saw that the next turn left was closer than I was expecting and there was a truck further back in the left hand lane, so I kind of put my foot down (so to speak) changed into the left hand lane and then made the left turn. The tester wasn't completely impressed, but I think there was just enough room for me to do this given that I was decisive about it and I had judged that the truck wasn't going particularly fast. The next thing that could have got me into trouble was that after another long list of directions, I missed another turn and sailed past the intersection I was supposed to turn right into. I tried to stay calm and continued on to where I could safely turn around (unfortunately I was still on a dual carriageway with a median strip, so I had to go a fair way). I eventually caught up with the tester who had gone the correct way and was waiting for me. He didn't mark me down for that one - not my fault I can't remember a list of directions as long as your arm under a stressful situation!

    Just get loads of road riding practice done before your test so that you can cope with the unexpected things that may crop up. All they are looking for really is that you are safe to be let loose on the road. So ride steadily and safely. Keep turning your head to look at what's going on around you ALL THE TIME and make sure the the movements are big enough that the tester can see you are moving your head - they are particularly picky about this. Turn to look when going through intersections, or before changing lanes or even if you are making a large change in position within your lane.

    And obviously, practice, practice, practice with the slow stuff - like U-turns. And the emergency stop. Got those wrong, and you won't pass.

    I did lose a few marks. I know I lost some for passing a parked car on a wide empty road with no markings in an industrial area without signalling. I understood that if I wasn't changing lane I didn't need to signal, but the tester had other ideas.

    Good luck.
  3. I did my R class test (after 34 years on R-E) 2 months ago at City West. Passed first time. In my opinion it is essential to get lessons as much of the stuff they will fail you for is not obvious. Things like putting your right foot down at the lights or even worse, shifting into neutral when stopped.
    I did my lessons with Streetwise in Charles St. North Perth. He must be pretty good because he got 3 passes from 3 tests on my test day.
    I lost a point for failing to pull out in front of an oncoming truck, making sure it was actually turning and he reckoned I could have stopped quicker in the emergency stop test, which was probably true.
  4. Sweet this is turning out pretty good :)

    I have heard good things about alert motorcycle training. Does any one have any experience with them?
  5. Definitely agree here. And another thing I forgot to mention that they are hot on that you wouldn't necessarily know about if you don't go for lessons is road positioning. Like generally staying in either the left or right hand wheel track (not in the middle of the road). Again a safety issue due to potential oil on the road. The choice of left or right is dependent on road conditions, but a good instructor would be able to explain all that to you.
  6. And malenko - as a complete aside, I see on another thread you are unhappy about the waiting time for a test, I just wanted to say I am glad I moved to Alice a few months after taking my 250 test, because here in the NT after having my licence for a year, I was able to walk into the licensing place and get them to upgrade me to an open licence without any further tests unlike in WA. Woohooooo.

    However, I haven't actually upgraded yet, due to financial constraints and the fact that I want another Kawasaki, but there are no Kawasaki dealers here. Just need to bide my time.......
  7. haha awesome I might see u in alice in a years time then :p

    While the wait is good cos it gives me a chance to get lessons, I think 10 weeks is way over the top, I mean, they should just get more than the 1 dude doing the tests :p. It seems he is at Morley for a day, then moves up to Joondalup, then off to Kelmscott, I guess that explains the wait time, and the angry tester :p
  8. 10 weeks, is that all? I had to wait 5 months. Good thing I passed.
  9. Got my learners permit for R-E in mid march at city west.
    The test was pathetically easy. Perfect score and it took me 2 minutes something to answer them all. As an example of the questions;

    You come to a set of traffic lights and they are showing red. Do you;

    A: Pull out an M16 assault rifle and shoot everybody you can see.
    b: Accelarate at full speed and attempt to ramp jump the nearest car over the intersection.
    c: Come to a stop.

    Haven't had my test yet. I'm booked in on the 21st of this month. Instructor is confident I should pass.

    Lessons? I went with a lady who works out of the car park in wembley. The big sports park on selby/cambridge. I recommend her as she was very professional and runs an easy to ride honda CB250. Her number is in your inbox.