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wa learners license?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by johny_soup, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. hi,
    i'm trying to figure out what i have to do to obtain a wa learner's license..

    i'm 16 and 5 months, here in tasmania at 16 & 4 months you do the pre learner course, then later your written test, then you get the learner license at 16 6 months, where you can drive under 250cc by yourself... or the lams bikes

    can anyone state for sure what it is in wa, i've been looking at their website but all i can find is conflicting messages.. it's rubbish and poorly laid out.
    i found this page which i'm a little concerned about..

    i have heard of this in the past but i thought surely they can't still be operating with this rule.

    so can anyone tell me the steps, and age's that are needed so that i can get my l's and ride by myself..

    cheers! john
  2. lucky bastard, in Vic you have to be 18 to go for learners.
  3. man that sucks so badly.. i hate all the crap that goes along with discouraging motorbike riders... they think that if you have the choice of driving by yourself in a car or a motorbike you wont be inclined to get a bike.. rubbish
  4. Meh, just ride around on your L's like everyone else does. If you already hold a licence I think its a $300 fine and 4 demerits for driving/riding out of class.
  5. You need to be 16- I'm guessing you don't already have a car licence.

    If you had a car licence- to get your bike learners you need to go in and answer a 12 or 14 multi choice questionairre- from memory you can get 2 wrong- but the questionaiire is on the DPI web page anyway.

    If you don't have your car licence- then you've got to do some other stuff that I didn't bother looking at :grin: - it's the same stuff you've got to do do get your L's for your car- answer another- longer multi choice questionaire.

    Try reading this


  6. I believe the OP doesn't like the idea of having to be accompanied when riding on the learner's permit, unlike the other states.
  7. Yeah over here it is exactly the same as getting a car license. You go in, sit through all the boring multi guess paperwork, (basically if you can pick your nose you have enough brainpower to get yourself through it) and then you have your L's. There is no LAMS over here so you are restricted to 250cc and under.

    The way you get your P's is during your learning phase you must be accompanied by a rider who has at least 4 years experience. The can be either a pillion or on another motorcycle. You do your lessons and sit a practical test on the roads. My test involved a quick stop from 40km/h and had 12 meters to do it (it was pissing down with rain at the time) then it was the U-turns, then a brief ride around to see how I handled the bike and that was it.

    Seeing as it will be your first license after the prac test you will be shifted onto phase two and you will have to do 25 hours of logged road time with an experienced rider... I would suggest getting your car license at the same time as I believe you can log the hours in the car as well as the bike which will be much easier if your parents don't ride.

    Then after your 25 hours you will sit the hazard perception test which is just like the initial paperwork tests, seriously if you fail this test you fail at life and should remove yourself from the gene pool.

    It sucks how over here we cant ride by ourselves while on L's :(.
  8. i cant believe you need to have another rider with you.. that sucks so badly...
    i'm only going to be in wa for about 6 months, if i get my learners over here... and just say i'm on holiday in wa, can i keep my tasmanian license and the rules that apply with a learner or do i have to go on wa rules?
    ..might have to ring up for that one, thanks guys :)
  9. Out of curiosity, when you did your P's test, did they record the motorcycle's make/model you used for it?
  10. The cops wouldn't care they would book you for not having the rider there, but as long as you CAN ride then just don't show your L and they wont look at you twice. Just don't speed or do anything to bring attention to yourself.