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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Pulled up at the lights this morning, in the right lane and knowing I needed to hook out front and get left because people often turn right from that lane a couple of hundred metres up. Usually no hassle on the Bandit because people are usually slow and dozy off the lights. Today the guy beside me took off like a shot the instant the light changed... so I gave it a tad more acceleration than planned - and hoisted the front wheel a foot or so! Completely unplanned and with the Mrs on the back (which may have contributed), I basically said 'Sh&%!' and backed off to get the front back on the deck. It came down with a tiny wobble but basically a minimum of fuss, and didn't even kick my heartbeat up that much - but it was a bit of excitement for the morning. Must remember that 2-up it's very keen indeed to have a look at the sky.

  2. hmm.....
    Never got the front wheel up (underpowerd bike) and Its a big fear of mine when I get a bigger bike....Good work not losing ur mrs off the back. Im sure she gave u a serving.
  3. Hehe - she said "that was cool, do it again!" One of the many reasons she's my Mrs, has been for 20 years and will be as long as we both shall live.
  4. Bloody Hoon !!!
  5. Nice to get the nose of the beast up in the air.

    Did the same on the ST with the SWAMBO on the back. Just taking off from home and gave it a little too much juice.
    Front wheel lost traction and later on she said "Did you do a mono?"
    To which I sheepishly replied "mmm.... sort of" to which she replied, "try harder next time"

    Gotta love a bikie chick!

  6. I see the hooligan streak of the bandit is infecting you. Good work :grin:
  7. Any post by Bravus entitled Wa-hey is going to get my full attention. This however is not what I expected:
    Good on yer mate. Give it a stoppie at the lights next time, see what the Mrs says about that!
  8. Nice one Bravus. :LOL: Haven't got my front wheel in the air yet, but I reckon it's only a matter of time. :grin:
  9. Bravo Mrs Bravus!! :applause:
  10. Hehe I did this the other day, just crusing home, went into left lane (cars parked in left lane up ahead) so needed to accel a bit and get into middle lane when light goes green. Just chilling out not looking at the car next to me, not revving motor or anything. Light goes green and I give it light accel, then realise the car next to me was a merc 550 or similar and had decided to take off at full pelt. Bollocks, not having one out accelerate me :LOL: so full throttled it (still in first) and front came up until I shifted :grin:
  11. Ha ha... congrats :grin:
    I'm always afraid it'll go over completely, so as soon as mine starts to play, I remember to tame it. I know - I'm boring!

    Sounds like you did a nice one, Phiz :)
  12. if only i had enough power to mono :p
  13. :LOL: When in doubt, Gas it !! :LOL:

    Tex & Bundy