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[WA] H.A.R.T Advanced Rider Course

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Vivendus, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Well the defence force have initiated a big spending spree on advanced rider training for any defence force personel.
    Theyve organised a couple of courses to be run by HART over here - the first of which is happening tomorrow
    -woot! day off work to go riding- and its all paid for!!

    Anyway, im really looking forward to it - including a great chance to speak to a couple of cops (which is where i see my career going soon).

    Just found out that the second course is also open to the public at a cost of $250. This is the proper advanced course run by hart personel which ends with a certificate and free coffee yadda yadda...

    i can't remember the exact details but ill find out tomorrow (or when i re-check the emails at work) and let you all know.

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    Hi mate.
    enjoy the course you lucky bugger :)

    I would be very interested in any info you can find on the second course open to the public, so anything you can find out would be much appreciated.


    PS. i've sent off an email to HART so we'll se what they say.
  3. Dont think Me or my busted bike will be able to anytime in the near future, but in the distant Shit yeah !!!!
  4. I was the technical guy doing the mechanical presintations for the 2 days it was hosted at Vic barracks in melbourne. The guys got a lot out of it. I was amazed how many ADF guys get injured or killed on bikes. I can see why the goverment wants them better educated to stop them getting killed or pensioned off when it all goes wrong. I think its 5 million dollars well spent.