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[WA] Group Ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by blakjak, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Hey All,

    This topic disappeared a couple of days after I added it even though it had replies, odd... so I'm gonna try again.

    We've been doing the coffee night thing for a few months now, with reasonable success, but as people who love the bikes, there's a bit missing...

    So, I want to organise a WA day-ride. Depending what people are interested in, I was thinking a lunch ride ending up in the Swan Valley, via the hills, or even head up to York if people are looking more for a full day out. Alternatively, in the other direction, the Jarradale Pub is a nice lunch spot and so is the Pinjarra Hotel

    Anyway deciding on where/when is the point of this thread, so lets get the words flowing :grin:

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again, would love to get a regular/semi-regular ride going... especially now that I don't need to be babysat :grin: (that grin really doesn't show just how big mine is!)
  3. Hey Joker - you finally passed your test then? :p

    Well done, when and where?

    I'm possibly up for a ride, depending on date and time. And like I said before, providing you guys go easy on me being a newly passed rider on a 250:grin:
  4. I did indeed, went to City West yesterday (the 13th of November). And I'm sure they'll play nice with us little kids ;)
  5. I'm up for a group ride, but I have a pretty full-on schedule until after xmas now.......
  6. Odd that you got it wrong 2 time sin a row.

    May I suggest that you read this

  7. Got it wrong? How?

    I've just read the rules and guide lines and I can see nothing that Jack has violat-...

    Oh, wait. Excessive cussing and posting of pornographic images. That must be it. Bad Jack! Damn your filthy mouth and hot, nekid wife!

    As for the group ride, yes, as I said before, I'm interested. I think just run it like a coffee night. Run it regularly and if people can make it, good. If not, meh.
  8. Re: Got it wrong? How?

    * DO use the correct forum to post your topic. Putting your post in an inappropriate forum is a sure fire way to get it deleted.

    This has been discussed numerous times with the argument put forward that a 'how about a ride' thread, is not yet a 'ride announcement'. But the consensus has concluded that the 'General' forum is not the correct place. I have therefore moved this thread appropriately to 'other states ride announcements'. About 90% of my 'modding' is clearing inappropriate threads from 'general' to where they actually belong..................
  9. Read this for the events section for furthur clarification.

    Which you will see as the first thread at the top of the Other States Ride and Event Announcements section.

    Thanks Inci
  10. Hmmmm.......confusion confusion.....
  11. I will move this thread to general discussion when i get onto a computer tonight, posting this from my mobile phone.

    just saw your post and read it properly, what is going on Inci????????

    will read the mods area tonight :?: :?:
  12. Thanks, it's not like this is the first time I've been wrong. I remember the last time well, it was back in 73', or maybe 74'......... :grin:
  13. It's not an announcement as the details are yet to be finalised.

    Until such time that it is, threads like this belong in General Discussion.
  14. hehehehe inci got modded.
  15. I hear them there Hyosung's burn really really well, but I wonder if they float?........... :twisted:
  16. Mummy and Daddy are fighting again! :cry:

    I'll leave it up to you two to decide who's mummy and who's daddy :p
  17. you wont need to burn it mate....its not liking this hot weather one little bit so i wouldnt be surprised if it melted! :shock: :grin:

    But anyway, about this ride thingy.

    I like saturdays at this stage. But i am out for the next few weeks with exams.

    Happy to ride anywhere really, obviously the rides would need to be 250 friendly at this stage given the large number of restricted riders here.

    I also like morning rides. Like a breakfast run. Added bonus in this weather is that you can beat the hottest part of the day and be home in time for family stuff or whatever.
  18. Yes indeedy, how about a dawn ride out to Toodyay, Bindoon, or York, arriving just in time for brekky and nice coffee or two......
  19. SO.... Having read all the modding, and revisited the rules, I'm still quite confused... and pretty sure that this (and my previous topic) have been placed in the correct forums....

    Can anyone enlighten me as to where this post belongs?

    Back to topic at hand... I like the morning rides so long as the sun has been up for a couple hours (kanga-phobia) and I think everyone I've talked to is pretty happy to keep it all 250-friendly