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[WA] Good training course or riding school?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by JoeBikeRiderWA, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking at learning to ride, and before I go for the theory test, I'm trying to do a bit of research and find a good place to learn. I've had a look through the usual channels, but most places seem to be based around the city or northern suburbs. I'm a fair way out south of the city (eg. Armadale), so can anyone recommend any really good schools?

    Though I'd prefer something local, I'll have my car license soon, and I'm definitely willing to travel for the right kind of training, since I know that it's really important to get the technique right from the beginning.

    Thanks for any help. I'll be sure to stick around, as there's plenty of great wisdom to be had here! :grin:

  2. DEFINITELY contact Alert Motorcycle School.


    Fantastic blokes, and did a good job on me :)

    They're in Bayswater, and within walking distance of Bayswater Station. Just switch trains at Claisebrook. How easy is that! :p
  3. Thanks very much, tomohawk. I've had a look at their website and they seem really good, though it took me a while to notice that their menu wasn't working in my browser.

    A bit far away, but worth it, especially since I can just catch the train up there.

    Really appreciate the info.
  4. have you tried enquiring wether a school will travel to you? I've seen heaps of instructors towing a second bike to a student no doubt. Sorry I cant help you out with any names but.
  5. Grunts / Grants Motorcycle Training, He operates all over town and will come to you - tows a bike on a trailer behind his Kawa...

    He's Great, genuine bike enthusiast - not only does he love riding he loves teaching. He certainly operates in the Hills, I used him and also know 3 others, we were all well happy, OOHH and we all passed.

    (Find him in the yellow pages)
  6. Hey Joe, Alert will do lessons from home but of course there'll be a special price; call 'em and see what they say. I can personally recommend Alert's Dave Palmer as he showed me a few new wrinkles and I've got many Kms and years behind me. I'm going out with them this weekend for an Advanced Roadcraft day (hope it doesn't rain :grin: ). There's a couple of links in the Netrider links directory for WA guys that will get you through your learner's...check 'em out. I'm sad to say though that WA is very light on for advanced instruction...not like those soft shandy drinking nancy boys over East :grin: who've got it all made with their California Superbike Schools and their HART course (bastards).
  7. Yeah, I'm a little disappointed we don't have any of these really fancy looking riding schools over here. I'm not sure it matters though, it might be better if things are on a smaller scale, since its a little more personal.

    I'm not sure the cost of them coming out to me would be worth it. It's only really a trip up the Tonkin by car, or a bit of a ride on the train. I'll have to look into it though to be sure.

    Thanks for all the suggestions and advice guys. :grin: