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(WA) EOI for Bike Maintenance Course

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Duffman, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Apologies if this should be in General Discussions - please move if appropriate.

    A basic maintenance evening was run some time ago for the Melbournians, and i thought that was a great idea. Because I am not mechanically minded and I dont know anyone who is when it comes to bikes, i thought it might be appropriate to go through an acredited school.

    Alert Motorcycle School run just such a course out of their Bayswater rooms and having spoken to someone who recently completed the course, it sounds like the goods.

    The course is run periodically and on demand. It's regular price is $45 and runs for 3-4hrs. At this stage i havent spoken to Alert so i dont know if there is any chance of getting a 'club' rate, but $45 will be the max cost.

    The course covers the really basic stuff like cleaning, pre ride checks, tyres, chain adjustment and lube, oils and fluids, electrical, brakes and pads, and leavers among others.

    So if any Perth Netriders are interested, post here and if there is sufficient interest i will contact Alert and get the low down.


    Jono - Duffman.
  2. OK, i admit this is a bit of a bump....but one last chance before i bin the idea.
  3. Sorry mate I didn't see this one before, I'd be interested for sure, I'll ask around those I have non-netrider contact details for too...
  4. good idea

    Yeah I would be interested. My bike would be better looked after than my car!
  5. Sounds like a sound idea to me
  6. Re: good idea

    hehehe yeah same here!

    OK well theres a couple of peeps who might be keen so i will put a call into Alert and see what the deal is.

    will let everyone know when i know.