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(WA) Driver charged over death of two motorcyclists.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by incitatus, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. The West Australian, today June 28th 2006

    "The driver of a 4WD that collided with a motorcycle killing two teenagers will be charged. Sen. Const. Mike Jones, of the major crash squad, said that the 49yo driver will be charged with two counts of dangerous driving causing death. Joseph Hrubos of Northcliffe, died instantly when the bike he was riding collided with the Nissan Patrol on a bend 15km south of Northcliffe, on Jume 11. His passenger Nathan Batt, also of Northcliffe died en route to hospital."

    Be careful out there people...

  2. that's full on aye... where is northcliffe in relation to freo?
  3. Long way, it's down in the South West.
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  6. I'm glad.

    I dispise 4WDs and those drivers of them who are idiots, particularly those who justify having one with "it's safter for me and my kids". They don't belong in the city, and that's obvious.

    It's also obvious that those people who drive them worry about what others think of it because the UK now have Spray on Mud... (http://www.guardian.co.uk/life/science/story/0,12996,1506025,00.html)
  7. 4WD's do have there place and thats in the country.
    This accident was in the country.
    Nothing much to do with the 4WD in the city debate.
  8. So I see (care of Google Earth).

    I can also see why you'd want a motorbike... Looks like a stunning area.
  9. It is. Looking forwards to the next time I head back home to the West of grabbing a bike for a few days and riding down there.
  10. Absolutely, it is a beautiful part of the state. Lovely twisty roads through the huge jarrah forests. Great stuff.

    Just stay away during school holidays when all the little towns get overrun with soccer mums.

    Oh and its bloody cold down there at the moment :shock:
    2 weeks ago it was -6 overnight at our farm in Collie, i kid you not.